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Discussion Secrets of Alchemy

Enevhar Aldarion

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Will still be curious to see whether the current questlist makes it through to Live :)

I am sure it will. Maybe in the next event they will dig up a quest list from 5 years ago and we will have to use our non-boosted tier 1 factories to make productions, along with having to make 24 and 48-hour factory productions again. Or any of the other horrible quests from that time that were discontinued.

Hazel Caballus

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For at least some of the app players the event still isn’t available. It‘s the first time since I‘ve been playing Elvenar that an event is not available for a certain group of players even two days after of the official start of the event. It is NOT acceptable to blame app stores for this behavior, as the game developer has to make sure that their game features are available on the same day for everyone.
At least make an in-game announcement to inform app players that they haven’t been forgotten by Inno….


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So so far quests 33, 36, 39, 43, 46, 51, 55 are all produce a good amount of standard goods.

so what you couldnt mix it up a bit? You had to use the same darn quest multiple times ?

What is the reasoning behind this when most players have moved on to sentient and ascended goods.

So now we have dump the goods we need and go back to the beginning?

Or are you punishing the loyal players who have been playing the game for years?

its a real shame since this evolving building has decent stats


If you are focusing on one Wonder, it is easy to use most shards up on one rune shard stage and then barely get any more before you reach the next rune shard stage, especially if barely anyone is working on the same one you are, making it hard to replenish shards.

Or the problem of having zero shards when you research a new Wonder that you want to build. When I finished chapter 20, I had maybe a couple of shards for those two Wonders, so out came 12 ferris wheels for broken shards, so I did not have to wait months before I could build either one.
It must be my way of doing things that I have never been out of Runes and I am almost always at 10 shards and all I get from the tourney get lost mostly. I do agree that now that the ability to get Runes prior to the Wonder could be a more pressing issue to consider, but you would get more shards from the tourney faster than the Ferris Wheels.
I cannot yet offer any specific feedback on this event, as the iOS app update has not yet arrived, and my PC is currently awaiting new parts - so no event for me yet.

The general feedback from my FS, both on beta and live, recently is that there is too much content and too many events being pushed on us too quickly - now there is generally less than a week between events, or events and FAs, and that doesn’t include the Season of Dreams, etc.

Perhaps if there was less of a rush to push out new content that is overwhelming players, there would also be less mistakes and bugs than we have had recently?


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So now we have dump the goods we need and go back to the beginning?
No, sentient and ascended goods work fine, as long as they meet the requirements (if quest asks for T1 productions, you have to use just a marble/planks/steel manufactory ;) )
It seems that I've been not so clear: I mean, if quest asks for a Marble Mosaic, you can collect a Demetor's Bowl or a Aeon's Air Purifier :)
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Honu nani

If we are just now able to get into the event, is there any chance of receiving the daily sorcerer's knowledge scrolls we missed from the first two days (initial 30 +30 from the first daily change)? I know there's probably not any way to be fair about how many would have been picked up at the edge of the city in the last 55 hours. I just don't want to bother support if there's no point in asking.

Egwene al Vere

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If they could give you guys what you needed, they should give us what we need also. When I heard about this stone golem, I was hoping for a troop building that produces the granite golem. Then it would have been worth it. It would also have been in keeping with the rest of the series with the pilgrim set being the exception which atleast give us relics too.

Bor de Wolf 1965

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I am now at CH13 and the building gives me MANA, that is a very good recourse for me.
I know, the carnival 2019 set would still be a very nice set to have but still this will help me a lot


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Another T3 producer? Why? I'm in Ch.13 Amuni on Live, with only a couple of Evolving Buildings which [still] produce T3 as well as whatever I actually want from them, with no T3 Factories for the past YEAR, and I have over 10m Boosted T3 and growing (I use it to buy KPs), as well as over 4m of the other two T3 Goods. Every day my Trader, in a fortunate Neighbourhood with many active later-game Cities around me, contains about 20-40 pages of T1-3 Trades, with the large majority (around 60-75% depending on the day) being T3 offers asking for T2 or T1. These Trades remain for days at a time, although same-Tier 1:1 [or better] T3 Trades do still move each day. That said, perhaps other players, like me, accept T3 Trades only because (a) we're trying to help those who post the Trades, and (b) we just enjoy Trading. I sometimes Trade T3 Goods back and forth just to have something to do... even if this habit of mine may be distorting Inno's stats (if they're even keeping any stats on Trade?).

Seriously, though. We do NOT need any more T3-producing buildings... is this Event's Grand Prize really going to produce T3 Goods for some of us?!

Lovec Krys

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This time of year it's about catalyst. But instead of set we got smaller evo building. So this main prize is for players who are after them.


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The frustration about the wrong text is understandable, and we would like to see events that are created from scratch, but reusing old assets saves time for new stuff for the future. I'd like not to see this mistake just like you do, but I can understand at the same time why it was made, that it was not intended and that it's going to get fixed as soon as possible.
If saving time is the issue, they should drop fewer events on us.
It gives Unurium. That is enough reason for every chapter 18+ player to use it.
Maybe chapter 18 and 19 too, but eventually Unurium isn't an issue anymore once you've built and upgraded a bit the Temple of Spirits and Vallorian Seal Tower. I decided that from now on I will totally ignore events - unless the prizes are truly good and useful. Otherwise, for me, the events are just a source of Unurium from collecting currencies around the city.


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“To whom it may concern” hopefully :rolleyes:

Yeah, but there are 2 more sequential quests (we actually have 55 sequential while in Sorcerers' Homecoming were 53 if my files are correct..)
Staring from here and considering this
You're right, it's a copy & paste from 2021 Sorcerer's Homecoming [facepalm] (virtual emoticon agreed, edit by Uffauffa)
now my two cents.
Actually is Jan. 7 here in Rome, around 13:30 PM.
For sure, I finished the today daily mission #60/77, so I will face 17 mission to the end of this event.
Remember, 17 daily mission to the end.
Checking the event countdown, it will finish on Jan. 27, 10:00 AM, Rome time as usual. (conforming to the announcement)
Easy - and not my opinion - is to say they are lasting around 20 more days to the end, 19 if we consider that the real end is on Jan. 26 (last daily mission)
Remember, 19 days to the end.

And now, for my forumer friends ( :D ), here’s the contest “who did the adding of TWO story quests instead of two daily quests while it was decided to spread the event TWO more days than the copy and paste of Sorcerers’ Homecoming”.
You can post your answer here (pleeeease, dont’t do it, we all know the answer blowing in the beta) and you’ll get one of my virtual biggest “LIKE”. Big chance.

And please, this is not a bug, but is a same ”story” like the appstore late forwarding.
You have a lot of good new players collaborating with you (i.e. lilliawen, idavies), so “make them have a little check” BEFORE a mistake.
Thanks for your consideration. ;)


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@Uffauffa open a bug report and gain some diamonds; because this IS a bug, devs and/or whoelse at Inno aren't ABSOLUTELY learning from their mistakes https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/winter-magic-2022-quest-event-length-issue.18109/
Other options are:
- they really don't care
- they really don't know what they're doing
- they really don't know the game (and it could explain previous one)
- none of them is reading a single forum (not necessarily Beta) just enough to see how much players are [upsetted, frustrated, outraged] by this behavior.
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