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Discussion Secrets of Alchemy


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In over four years of hanging around on this Forum, during which I've read all of the posts in the General Feedback section from Day One (yes, I have too much free online time...) I've honestly never seen so many errors, nor such a range of them, nor such extreme ones either... at least the screenshot above made me laugh, for real - thanks for that, at least, @Skillpowers! - although based on @TimeMachine's post (also fun to read, if not to have to deal with), it seems that in the case of this particular Quest type, one error has just been replaced by another - even more bizarre - one?!

@Vaeri : It's been quite the 'baptism of fire' here for you, if I may say so! And with that in mind, I for one would just like to say that I do appreciate your patience, and your honest and upfront answers (where that's possible; I'm sure you can't just 'tell all', since you're working for Inno, of course)... it must be very hard indeed to take over an established community from a CM as well-regarded and popular as Marindor, but I like your style, and coming from the Live EN Forum, as I do, I can say that you're definitely doing a far better job than... might be the case [ooh diplomatic]! ;)

I'm also always grateful for the handy info provided by our dedicated Beta Mods, too, as I'm sure their job is far from easy, especially at present.

But really - what on Earth IS going on with Inno's Event coding (or copy-pasting, as the case may be...) Team, at the moment? Rhetorical question! :D


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@Laurelin-Beta Thank you for your kind words! I cannot agree enough that our Beta moderators are doing an awesome job, the Beta forum couldn't exist without their help. And all the issues that happen show how essential Beta is for Elvenar.

Your feedback on InnoGames is appreciated of course - many problems appeared in the last months and it's sure to say that these issues make the life of beta players more difficult. It's not possible to justify what happened, but I can tell you that the Elvenar Team is trying their best to improve (failures are the worst when you repeat them).
So again, thank you for supporting the team by telling us your feedback and reporting bugs. We don't take it for granted to have such an active and helpful community that exists to this day thanks to the work done by the past CM and our moderator team.