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Discussion Royal Restoration Spell

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Marindor, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. Lovec Krys

    Lovec Krys Well-Known Member

    Aug 7, 2018
    Suggestion for INNO to solve problems we have with this implementation (to avoid players rage if you go with this unchanged to live servers (REMEMBER THIS SPRING, this will end the same way)):

    1st Issue: Blueprint to royal restoration conversion ratio
    Starting with orcs, Houses are bigger than conversion rate. At the latest chapters much bigger.
    For workshops it's even worse - starting chapter III they are bigger than conversion rate. At the latest chapters much bigger.

    Possible solutions:
    a) Give us better conversion ratio - 1:15 - bigger players still loose, but not so much, small players gain.

    b) Give us better conversion ratio - 1:20 - biggest players loose a little, smaller players gain more. Just remember, that most players with blueprints are the big ones.

    c) Give us conversion ratio chapter dependant - for example 10 for the first 5 chapters, +1 for each chapter since dwarfs (that would make 18 for Amuni) or 10 for chapter 1-3, +1 for each chapter after that (that would make 20 for Amuni).

    d) Make max price for upgrading magic workshop & residences. For ratio 1:10 it should be 10.
    (This can also apply to upgrading event buildings - I don't mind)

    e) Change formula for needed royal restoration spell count - divide it by 2 (that would mean that 1 and 2 square buildings would cost 1 spell, 3&4 square would cost 2 spells, and so on)

    2nd Issue: Devaluation of 10th chest
    With Royal restoration spell replacing blueprints with current conversion rate and upgrading rules together with royal restoration spell distribution within chests, the 10th chest has greatly devaluated.

    I suggest this to fix it:
    a) Give us more RR spells in the last chests:

    Suggested distribution for 15 instead of 11 RR spells:
    3rd chest - 8th chest: 1 RR spell
    9th chest: 3 RR spells
    10th chest: 6 RR spells

    Suggested distribution for 20 instead of 11 RR spells:
    3rd chest to 6th chest: 1 RR spell
    7th & 8th chest: 2RR spells
    9th chest: 4 RR spells
    10th chest: 8 RR spells

    b) Also additional rewards to the 10th chest could be added (in addition to variants described in (a)):
    1 or 2 catalyst spell + additional Ancient knowledge instances (+10 or +15).
    So the 10th chest would contain 3 or 5 additional RR spells and 1 or 2 catalyst and +10KP or +15KP instant.
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2018
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  2. RandomNo.

    RandomNo. Well-Known Member

    Dec 18, 2018
    I don't see the logic of your argument.

    Are you assuming that a lot of early chapter players currently have a lot of blueprints AND a lot of magic buildings and converting them into anything more than 10 RR per BP is going to make things too easy for them? If this scenario were true, then I accept this argument. But I doubt that is the case.

    The issue here is simple: blueprints that have ALREADY BEEN WON in PAST TOURNAMENTS should not DROP IN VALUE with the new feature being implemented. This is equivalent to a retroactive nerf. If you're going to do that, then why are you not making every BP at least convert into 11 RR but 10 instead? And even that would not be a fair conversion. Right now, 1 BP = 1 Magic Building upgrade UNIVERSALLY, so to preserve that value of a BP, the conversion should also give RRs equivalent to or at least close to enough to upgrade a Magic Building universally. The issue here is NOT with how you want the RRs to work or how many RR you want to give in 10 chests. We're talking about the CONVERSION OF BLUEPRINTS ALREADY WON. Do you think your players are stupid or something? Stop sidestepping the issue and address it head on.
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2018
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  3. SoggyShorts

    SoggyShorts Well-Known Member

    Sep 20, 2016
    No, because for years players who don't have magic buildings have worked very hard to earn blueprints for the promise that they will be allowed to use them for event buildings.
    Some of the better buildings in events are expiring ones, and even if you are in a perfect 10 chest FS you can only upgrade 22 expansions worth of event buildings per year, minus any RR you spend on magic buildings. Winning a 3x4 event building that replaces an old one instead of upgrading it is like winning an extra 12 RR spells.
    No. Everyone gets a blue ribbon for showing up? Gross. Should everyone get the top prizes in the Fellowship adventures just for logging in too? How about we give every player 1,000 ranking points from the tournament if they log in that week?
    Your laziness and greed should not be more important than the effort of others.
  4. SoggyShorts

    SoggyShorts Well-Known Member

    Sep 20, 2016
    Here's my problem with the tournament change:
    The current spread of RR among the tournament chests makes the effort of getting 10 chests much less appealing and that every RR offered outside of tournaments(if any) would only increase this effect.
    9 chests get you 72% of the RR for 80% of the points
    8 chests get you 55% of the RR for 63% of the points
    7 chests get you 45% of the RR for 48% of the points
    6 chests get you 36% of the RR for 35% of the points
    5 chests get you 27% of the RR for 24% of the points
    4 chests get you 18% of the RR for 16% of the points<--- This is now the best RR per point sweet spot.
    3 chests get you 9% of the RR for 9%% of the points<---This is about 200x cheaper per RR than getting 10 chests

    Once you consider that the higher points cost far more than the lower points e.g. the 20th province costs 20x the first province, then you can see that the return on effort is massively skewed towards those who try less.
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2018
  5. ALdbeign

    ALdbeign Well-Known Member

    Jan 21, 2017
    Having thought this through, my only issue with the new setup is how many RR you get for completing the tourney. I think a total of 15 would be more in keeping with when they made the switch to kp instants and increased the total kp from the tourney accordingly. on my small (aka beta) city my magic WS is going to be 18 and in my large city, it will be at 24 (assuming we keep with size change alternating between houses and WS)
  6. Arayla

    Arayla Well-Known Member

    Mar 7, 2017
    Yes! The conversion rate needs to be addressed and the rewards for the 10th chest need to be improved to make a team goal worth the effort.
  7. Bruce the Fierce

    Bruce the Fierce Member

    Nov 7, 2018
    I am feeling taken advantage of. One of the MAJOR reasons I was willing to buy Magic buildings was the fact that I could use 1 Blueprint per magic building per guest race to do all my upgrades. I was willing to pay for a magic building once, but I have no interest in paying at every new guest race. I would have purchased many less Magic buildings if I was aware it would take 2.4 Tournaments to earn enough RR to upgrade a workshop (and that will likely grow as new guest races appear). I guess I am glad you made this announcement when you did. I was about to buy a few more magic building, but given the new rules, I now have all the magic buildings I can afford.

    (no I dont have any magic buildings on my beta account, I have 14 on my US3 account)
  8. Mykan

    Mykan Well-Known Member

    Jul 3, 2016
    This is the same for me. I had based my purchases around my ability to obtain blueprints to upgrade them while keeping some room for the event upgrade option (when it arrived). If the update remains as is, I may even have too many magic buildings and be forced to never upgrade an event item or delete some magic buildings in favour of other options. Some event buildings are actually starting to look like they might be better buildings then a magic building as the event buildings have a fixed upgrade cost.

    My Christmas wish has changed from the RR spell (amongst other wishes) to please look favourably on reviewing the update. I do have faith in the devs though, so hopefully they are full of Christmas cheer and in a generous spirit when they return from their holidays. :rolleyes:;)
  9. Syonis

    Syonis Well-Known Member

    Oct 18, 2018
    This feature being different because it's also announced in all non beta forums you should also get the feedback from over there.
    Telling them that the feedback will not be forwarded because the feature is not live is a No-Go.
    You made an announcement so please also consider the feedback from there.
  10. Heymrdiedier

    Heymrdiedier Well-Known Member

    Mar 17, 2016
    I dont know what live server you play on, but the one im playing on, is only annoucing that the restoration wont make it in 2018 anymore but will be early 2019.
    It doesnt tell any details yet. I assume because my CM also thinks that 10 / 11 isnt enough and he knows/hopes it will still change before it makes it to live. Im keeping my fingers crossed just because no details were announced on live :)
  11. SoggyShorts

    SoggyShorts Well-Known Member

    Sep 20, 2016
    @Syonis remember this?
    Looks like they found one;)
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  12. Syonis

    Syonis Well-Known Member

    Oct 18, 2018
    EN and DE Region Announcement is linking to the beta announcement where the 1:10 ratio and 11 RR/Tourney Ratio is found.
    Did not check other regions. Oh and EN has a discussion/feedback thread. Dunno why DE has none.
  13. Scylthe

    Scylthe Active Member

    Apr 26, 2018
    Hello everybody,

    i have a post from DE and i hope Inno will read her feedback as well

  14. Scylthe

    Scylthe Active Member

    Apr 26, 2018
    And there other DE-User called " Elf Max Power"

  15. Dony

    Dony King of Bugs

    May 5, 2016
    magic buildings must have fixed value forever, imagine chapter 32 where residences will have 8x8, you will need 64 RR spells, your proposing 15 or 20 will not be enough
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  16. Biloutte91

    Biloutte91 Well-Known Member

    Feb 8, 2016
    I do not care royally !!!! I have 530.000 points and I finished the Amunis ... I speak for the small levels and the small Fellowships
    ... if I want, I make 2000 points in tournament every week ...
  17. PrimroseSylvia

    PrimroseSylvia Well-Known Member

    Nov 29, 2016
    On IT server was announced too and no feedback thread was created (but we have one in spoiler from beta :p )
  18. Marindor

    Community Manager
    Elvenar Team

    Feb 26, 2015
    Hi everyone,

    We would like to thank every single one of you who took the time to provide us with constructive and elaborate feedback on the current implementation of the Royal Restoration Spell in our feedback thread.

    The main goal of the early beta tests of this feature on beta was to not only squat all potential bugs prior to the live release, but also to give everyone the opportunity to provide us with this kind of feedback for us to consider for improvements. We got to see a lot of different perspectives and read some very valid points, both positive and negative. With this feedback in mind, we have gathered again to analyse and discuss further possibilities to make the implementation of our planned feature to upgrade summonable buildings as enjoyable as possible, while at the same time not tipping our delicate game balance. We would now like to take the necessary time to reconsider some assumptions and back up all concerns, examples and ideas with additional data analyses to re-iterate on the concept. Thanks to your feedback, we have also discovered some technical flaws that we would like to address at the same time.

    Seen as the Christmas holidays are just around the corner, this means that we will not be taking any further steps towards the rollout on live markets or release any more updates on beta this year. We feel that hasty decisions would be the wrong approach for this complex topic. As such, we will deactivate the Royal Restoration Spell on beta for the time being and revert all Royal Restoration Spells back to Blueprints so that you can continue using them for upgrades of magical buildings. This also means that the tournaments will reward you with Blueprints as they did in the old system. Should there be any more Spells than increments of 10 in your inventory, we will of course round the results of the exchange up in your favor (e.g. 11 Royal Restoration Spells would be equal to 1.1 Blueprints and hence be converted back to 2 Blueprints). All upgrades made to buildings will be kept in place.

    We shall then keep you posted on any adjustments to the initial release plan in January, to provide you with an update on this topic and see how we proceed with the implementation of this feature that will ultimately enable you to upgrade your summonable event buildings.
  19. Biloutte91

    Biloutte91 Well-Known Member

    Feb 8, 2016
    "Et voila" everything is canceled for now ... you're happy the "big" players ???? the little ones will not have RR ...
    continue your tournaments 10 chests ... Pfffff
  20. LordB

    LordB Well-Known Member

    Mar 10, 2015
    Damn and i just spent 64 RR :(
    Should have waited...