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Discussion Proposed trading star rating changes


My OPINION: The propose ratios will lower overall supplies each player has.

** It is my opinion that you created this massive cross-tier trading problem that has been going on since you changed the human / elf ratios last year.

**Since that time, no one has had sufficient Tier 2 goods and have been forced to do unfair trades to be able to compensate for human / elf changes.

**In addition, the majority of the prizes and buildings for all the events usually give population, culture and Tier 3 goods and very seldom give Tier 2 goods.

**By actually cutting the goods supply routes, your just making the game harder to play, more stressful and less fun.


I predict the propose ratios will lower overall supplies each player has. These 'lower" ratios offered to make it "easier" is a great way to hide the actual lowering of your ability to access goods needed to progress in the game from the trader.

I have built more factories....but not everyone else has.

The issue here is the unfair trading ratios in the trader...not the building of factories.

The cross trades increased expeditiously due to previous elves/humans ratio changes in the game.


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You don't need crosstrades to progress through the game except maybe early chapters which asks a lot of T1 for T1 factories upgrades. If you get used to them and continue using after that, especially with current 1:4:16 ratio - you just parasitising on your neighbors/fellows...


I only do cross tier trades in an emergency, since I feel it hurts the health of the FS. If you are trading your boosted goods in cross trades, then it shorts the boosted same tier trades that an individual in the FS may need. I don’t care either way, change the ratio for those that want to game the system and not bother with building all 3 tiers boosted goods.


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This seems to be a solution in search of a problem.
I know tier 1 is worth 1/4 tier 2 etc.
What IS the problem?


Dear Humans and Elves,

Please see our full proposal for changing the star ratings in the trader here and let us know your thoughts on it.

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team
I like the change as well. It really will point out when the trade is good or bad for new players.


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I keep seeing people saying it will hurt the smaller players in the fellowship. In our fellowship if a small player in the earliest chapters (or even later) is in any kind of need we provide them with anything they are out of. We do cross tier trades, they put in maybe 10 steel and we give them 40 planks, or whatever. In this new plan of 1:2 we would simply do the same thing, not exactly crippling the new players. We trade over and over again until their supply is built up, but we discourage pages of cross tier left in the trader to wade through. They have less of a chance to get what they need by leaving pages of 1:4 and 1:16 in the trader than they do by simply asking for help. Or I ask them if they need anything, since they often say that they don't want to "bother" us.

Please enact this change.


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Thank you! We have been asking for this for some time. I also think 1.5:1 is better but 2:1 is much better than it is now :D Either way, it allows us to help smaller cites or players with an urgent situation to get help with what they need while discouraging others from taking advantage.

Lovec Krys

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@Karvest There is a Moonstone library set, which produces certain expired goods. But the overall inpact on the market is probably unknown. Randomness in active players positions (and bonus goods) has probably bigger effect.

For those who would like to completely remove cross-tier trades - just give them checkbox for displaying non-cross tier only trades - problem solved for them.

I don't think that exact cross trade ratio can be measured - there are too many things influencing it: Ratio is different for different chapters, there are also goods producing sets/buildings, which also affects this, etc..

Therefore I still stand for my opinion that proposed 1:2:4 is the best option to have (or at least a good compromise).
I strongly suggest bringing checkbox for filtering cross-tier trades for those who don't wish to see them at all at the same time as trade ratio itself.


@Lovec Krys Under the assumption that changes to the star rating system attempt to more 'fairly' display how much each side of the trade is worth, I don't think it'll matter if there's an option to filter cross-tier trades. Their volume is gonna go down once any proposed changes are put in, which is the problem many players have with the current system - there being too many cross-tier trades up, burying the ones that they might be interested in. The changes are going to naturally 'filter' a lot of trades by itself, as this will hit the ones causing the most problems the hardest and they'll have to change their offers in order for their trades to not fall to the bottom of the list.


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Well, we have a lot of crosstrades with actually fair ratios now. Changing star rating will result mixing them with same tier fair trades, so filter crosstrades option would be needed even more then now...

Deleted User - 62044

The wholesaler needs a serious update.

Regarding the trader, for me, it is essential that separation of thousands numbers and the correct alignment to avoid mistakes, for me, more important than the stars and more ussefull.

Anotación 2020-01-11 145809.png


Yes finally... took only almost 5 years xD
Still better late then never though :)

Personally i would get rid off the rating entirely and let the players choose for their own what they think is fair to accept, but i guess too many would be stuck in the old ratios.

I prefer the 1,5:1 ratio since it's more accurate.
Especially for the sentinent goods which all needs almost the same amount of divine seeds to produce which is the real bottleneck there.

Edit: I also would really like a filter to hide crosstrades.


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With the upgrade please also unlock all trades so we can trade 1000:1, 100:1 etc to help our fellowship players in need, not putting 1000 offers because you will only allow 4:1 maximum instead of 16:1 which is now.


You don't need crosstrades to progress through the game except maybe early chapters which asks a lot of T1 for T1 factories upgrades. If you get used to them and continue using after that, especially with current 1:4:16 ratio - you just parasitising on your neighbors/fellows...
You respond very fast and judge a phrase very quickly, but don't actually read or comprehend the actual content of my statements.

Yogi Dave

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Yay! Three times over Yay! In live, my FS has used the 4:2:1 ratio since we founded it. So, I'm very much in favor of the trader showing these as fair. I'd also be happy with the 1.5 ratio since it's closer to 'true' costs. However, explaining it and people trying to make trades different than what the trader labels as 2 star will be difficult to many. As soon as someone says two and a quarter for T3 to T1, eyes will glaze over. Just dropping the ratios by a factor of 2 is fantastic, so I won't ask for the moon. What would that be? With 1.5 isn't that dropping it by 2 and 2/3?

As I understand it, this change will only effect what star is shown and the value the trader starts with. You can still make trades between 1:1 and 16:1 with adjacent tiers, and between 4:1 and 64:1 for T1 to T3, correct? If so, the method of helping other players with better than fair trades does not have to change at all. You still have access to the same range of ratios.

There is an aspect I haven't seen explicitly mentioned: Trades from a lower tier to a higher one. The vast majority of cross-tier trades are from a higher to a lower tier and very, very few are the other direction. Using the current trader values, you lose your shirt making them. If you make them using the 'true' cost ratios, they are 0 star. Most people will just look right over them. Even if you compromise and make them 1 star, few people will take them unless they are paying attention to the details of the trade or you have talked with them. With the new star values for trades maybe there will be more from lower to higher without the stigma of placing 0 star trades. Some FSs may kick you out for placing 0 star trades regardless of the logic of it.