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Discussion Proposed trading star rating changes


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Sometimes some things are best left alone,, have diversity is not a bad thing , what you don't like don't take ,, don't take away the smaller cities way of trying to grow,,its the future profits for Inno,
some people don't retire they change names ,
Why are you asking us lol .. Inno does what Inno does,, is this a good move you decide and find out,,it not like it can't be changed if its a bad move ...


Thank you for addressing this issue! I do have a question on what calculation triggers the 3 stars to appear, however. Currently, a trade posted requesting 10,000 of a T1 good and offering 10,010 of another T1 good will trigger a 3-star rating. It is a 1:1.001 ratio. Hovering over the stars shows the rounded down ratio correctly at 1.00 but the 3-star rating floats this trade to the top. Will there be a greater ratio between the offering and the request that will trigger the star rating itself? Visuals are powerful which is why the current star rating is dissatisfying. Not many hover over the stars to check the actual calculation.
Didn't even know hovering would give that information...


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The more we discourage cross trades, the better!
This change doesnt discourage cross trades at all, if market will miss 1 type of goods (this will happen at any given time) you will only see 1:4 or 1:16 ratios like it is now, no change at all.
Especially because now the correct 3* trades come in front of the line.
actually it doesnt, trades are not sorted by ratings, they are sorted by amount at first place on same ratings, so you will see trades on first place like 101K T1 : 100K T1+1, unless they change it, which would fix much more
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I am all for making it fair. I think if this is done though, it should be done as accurately as possible. This would include all costs to produce each good: cost of building, cost of upgrades, production and space taken. Then whatever the accurate balance is, that is what the trade ratio should be. If there is a large difference between one tier 1 to tier 3 trade and another, then that should be addressed as well because it means that one player is working harder than another simply based on the boost they received when they began the game.


My first response said simply that this is a good move, with no comment on the ratio.

Thinking more, I'd agree that the ratio should reflect the true costs as accurately as possible. Most players simply default to the given ratio, so there's no need to worry about mental math. Players who want to trade at a different ratio to meet a different goal should have the sophistication to work with numbers like 1.5 instead of 2.


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that's not crosscosts, that's just multiplied plain production cost. Or you are suggesting to change amount of coins and supplies needed for production in factories too?


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First step into right direction but when you write


why you dont take the simplest way and delete cross trades and only allow trades with the same tiers?

Exchange Rate from Tier 3 to Tier 2 will become 1 : 1 when you calculate the place needed to run only 1 manufactury (including Streets, Houses, Culture)

Exchange Rate from Tier 3 to Tier 1 and Tier 2 to Tier 1 will become 1 : 1,34

so the 1 : 1,5 is the best choice you can make, but not from Tier 3 to Tier 2.

On the other side i have some questions to the Trade Samples you showed to us:

So this should be the new Trade Ratios?


But when you change the Ratio like above, why you still let the Trading System let us Trade this ones?


Will this be the max. amount possible or will there be still the chance to Trade 1000 Tier 3 against 64000 Tier 1?

I prefer to delete Cross Trades from game


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There's no point in changes until you allow players to change goods forced upon them by default.

We have huge disbalance in live servers because of game mechanics giving tree gum to majority of players while giving platinum to almost no players.
Same with many other materials. It destroyed economy.
There's not even 1 star offer for platinum on polish main servers and there won't be with this system, only 0 star offers because there's no platinum overall.


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There is no game mechanics giving some type of good to majority of players except having bigger size T1 factories that may be thrown away by skilled players to have easier events in the past. And this is definitely not "giving platinum to almost no players", but the opposite, since it's the only T4 boost with small T1 boosted factories for both human and elves.
Disbalance with gum can come from spire set producing it for all players (it also produce moonstone in 12-13 chapters while nothing produce platinum). Same with scrolls (many players want to have a lot of libraries producing catalysts, which also give significant amount of scrolls).


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Agreed with 1.5 but 2 would be ok. Great improvement! At least the cross-tier trades wouldn't generally appear quite so high up in the trader list.


I like the idea and hope it can balance the trade so that more people produce T1. I also believe that this can contribute to fairer trade and less disagreement.

Deleted User - 86059

Es ist nicht das Problem 1 zu 4 zu 16 sondern die nicht fairen Angebote, auch der Kreuzhandel gehört dazu. Wie Luna Star, das beschreibt, sie haben keine Fabriken, die Holz, Marmor oder Stahl produzieren. Sie bieten 1000 Elixier gegen 12.000 - 16.000 an. Wenn es 1,5 oder 2 ist, wird dieser Kreuzhandel bestehen bleiben. Auch dieses gebe 500 nehme 600 ohne Stern, ist nicht ok. Die Fristen für diesen Handel müssten viel kürzer sein.
Also wenn es sein muss bin ich für 1 zu 2.

Translation =

It is not the problem 1 to 4 to 16 but the not fair offers, the cross trade is one of them. As Luna Star describes, they don't have factories that produce wood, marble, or steel. They offer 1000 elixirs against 12,000 - 16,000. If it is 1.5 or 2, this cross trade will continue. Also this give 500 take 600 without a star is not ok. The deadlines for this trade should be much shorter. So if I have to, I'm for 1 to 2.

Again please remember English only in the Beta forum


I like the idea and clearly 1:4 trades across a tier are a rip off at the moment which is why I have only ever traded within th3 sam3 goods type except when helping out new players. Eventually it would be good to have a 5 star system with a 3 star as a fair trade and widen the bands to allow fellowship only trades at 1 and 5 star to help lower level or new players.