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Discussion Challenges


I don’t like this event. The idea behind it is fine, keeping us active between events. The way they have executed it is what I dislike. I’ve just started the dwarves chapter, so I already have a space shortage. Spells are quite valuable, so I’m not going to waste them to get a pretty much useless building. So with 10 workshops available and 3 days to finish this event I will probably get at an end result of 2940 medals. I’m not even going to bother trying to get the other 1410 to get the Carting Library. I thought this should be a city building game. Events should help us to progress in the game, grow and get bigger and more beautiful cities. I think it shouldn’t be necessary to demolish stuff to finish events.


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I think it shouldn’t be necessary to demolish stuff to finish events.
For over a year now I have felt like the developers expect us to keep a few expansions wide open for events. There is an event going almost all of the time, with only 1 week between all year. With the addition of challenges it could easily be that we never go for a whole week without an event.

IMO this is perfect. The game is pretty slow, and I find myself with very little to do between events, so the more the better.

To compensate for this required space the devs have been giving us amazing set buildings. It is no longer necessary to have 3-5 of each tier factory. In fact, my winter set gives me more goods than all of my factories put together and only takes up 1/4 of the space. On top of that, it gives me more mana than all the rest combined, saving me even more expansions.

The only players hurt by this shift in direction are those who care about rank. There should be a big push for event buildings to give ranking points.
Who cares if I make 100K gems from my factories and you make 100K gems from your event buildings? They should rank us the same.


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'expect to keep a few exp. .. open'.
new idea:
Why not introduce event-production buildings? ---- Instead of building/removing etc the standard lvl1's?

The idea; buildings in an eventtab:
if they keep insisting on all t1 (i hate this; just go for only bonus-T1):

3T1 buildings, 3,9,1d; all different size compared to how valuable the badge is in the event.
3h=5x1, 9h=4x1, 1d=3x1
autoproduce; collect and it start itself (like halflingfields)
auto-add; like many suggested; all badges can be collected at the same time.

workshop: different story.
all different size
to PREVENT CLICKING: several badges per building:D
1d: 1x3 1badge
9h: 2x3 2 badges
3h: 3x3 3 badges
1h: 4x3 4 badges
15min: 5x3 5 badges
5min: 3x5 5 badges

ONLY badges, so you can't use this with a spell for regular collections. This way events DEMAND a part of your city and become a REAL part.

NOTE: all this and other idea's need rewards that are worth it.
Looking at my progress; this event is doable with 10 little ones beside my normal workshops; so I think it's ok.


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somewhat alike, but mine are for all events; not just FA. maybe i shouldn't have called it 'badge' but production:)



challenge finish :) :) :)


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Just want to say I love this new type of challenge. The fact that we don't have to rotate quests makes it really enjoyable! It doesn't take too much effort (i.e. city reorg or lots of production planning) to get through. I just wish we could gain more catalysts or fragments as we don't have much available in smaller cities like mine (I am only in chapter 8). Good job with the design of this new feature!


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This challenge is boring. It is nice to get the extra fragments, but it has as much "punch" as resetting goods and supplies.

I will not get the final prize and there is nothing about this to entice me to even care to try for it. I think it is a good background extra to the game, and maybe occasionally something worthwhile might come up as a prize. Maybe a choice for one of 3 or 4 choices might add a spark of interest to try for the prize. Aside from the military expiring buildings, I really do not care for the expiring buildings.

I think I will be about 80% there with my normal game play, and with a worthwhile final prize I could see myself making a few adjustments to try for it as required adjustments would be manageable.


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I think what I like is that you are trying for YOU. It's about whether you want to or not, and regardless of the effort you put in, you will likely still get some of the rewards. It's also, as Soggy said somewhere above, it's the perfect event for when the game is slow and you need something to keep you interested (not a direct quote, but my take on it - hope I was close).

I threw away a lot of EE spells just because I have tons and really never use them - and also for the points (lol). I won't likely make it to the end (I have work tonight) but I did get a small handful of useful rewards. So I like it and hope to see it again.
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I think it's great. Set buildings have become so good that having quite a few 24h timer buildings is normal, so adding in a tiny 1x2 building for another 100KP is easy. A solid prize for very reasonable effort. 1,500 SF and 4 CC is quite good as well.

All around great job Inno!:p

P.S. My favorite part is that now we know with 100% certainty that you @InnoGames have the ability to fix the Fellowship Adventures by removing the quests completely :D:cool:


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I wont get it with 4.350. Normally 7 workshops, only space to build 2 little ones more and not enough spells to waist. So I got about 3.000 and I got the fragments and the CC's too. Thats also good for me.

And at some time no more desire to do 5 Min. productions. Instead I did 1 h productions and I did not get enough medals.

But it is a good challange for between.

Otherwise I really love to play just for myself and no event is going on. I love the little days off with no extra specials, so I am going to do my encounters and upgrading and re-arranching my citiy with no need having a time table and always trying to do the timetable. There is also a real life outside this game. And now it seems that these days are also filled in with some even small events? I do not know by now, if I really will love that.


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Overall I like it. Would prefer to see the spells with different values as ones that take more time to make etc shouldnt have the same reward as lesser ones. I like the idea of being able to win spell fragments and catalyst spells to use for crafting as it becomes harder to get spell fragments once you have disenchanted all buildings in your inventory that you dont want.


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@ Soggy "The only players hurt by this shift in direction are those who care about rank. There should be a big push for event buildings to give ranking points.
Who cares if I make 100K gems from my factories and you make 100K gems from your event buildings? They should rank us the same."

I don't agree with this. There are parts of sets that can be only received with luck. I am often missing a piece of a set because no matter how hard I work at it, and regardless of how many tries I make, I simply can't get the one piece I need. Sometimes I will have all the pieces in one city, but not all the pieces in another city. I feel that rank should be earned, and that luck should not be a mitigating factor. That would not be as fair to the ones that work very, very hard for their rank.

I did enjoy this game. I'm finding the crafting to be enjoyable, so receiving items I can use to make things is a win for me.


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I think the novelty on this one will wear off fast because it really has no depth to it.

Another game I used to play used to put on this kind of thing every once in a while, but it had the components I suggest earlier, personal prize levels where you got prizes for your effort, which is the only component of it, but then it also had group prizes, when certain totals were collectively made. There were individual prizes for the top 100-200 players, with the top 3 being quite nice, so there was tons of places to have challenge in it. Placing 101-200 could be a 5kp instant. I think looking at the global scores and deciding what you wanted to try for was part of the fun.

This one as tested is lame. They only thing players could do for this is decide to make more workshops and/or change collection schedules to go for the prize and that is the complete depth of the event. Utterly lame.


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Ok, so put that crafting challenge with the lottery thing for daily prizes we used for the winter event, and you get to use the metals you earned from the crafting challenge to spin the lottery thing. The consolation prizes are all little in the 3 spinners , like a CC spell, or and MM spell, 25, 50, 100 spell fragment, or 3-20kp instants, and one of the components is a percent chance of no prize. So you have a chance of winning the prize that shows up where the "daily prize" shows up, a chance of winning a CC or MM, or spell fragments, or something small, and then there is a chance of no prize.

Make the "daily prize" change just like the 3 lottery slots change, so there could be a lottery of 5-20 prizes that go into prize you are spinning for. Put the 3 expiring military prizes into the prizes you are spinning for along with library cart and maybe a trading post, and prizes like 100 spell fragments, 300 spell fragments, 500 spell fragment, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15 and 20 kp instants rotating through. Maybe make all the prize percentages the same, 10% chance for the rotated prize which as been used as the "daily prize," 40% for the prize showing up in the spinner, and 50% chance of no prize.

Now that would be a heck of a lot of fun...