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Discussion Challenges


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40; yes you do.
2nd part; try to stay nice, i know i can be harsh/straight forward, but this doesn't help much either ;)
@Heymrdiedier pff haha that's easy indeed.


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i just placed 40 lvl 1 workshops and put them all on 1 day prodction, wait a day: challenge completed.
Personally i find this new featrure not very inspired
you have the "4350" version...
in the other one is not possible, 35*40=1400....


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I've got 3503 version, and I'm at Sorceress and Dragons...

edit: maybe is MA level related?
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3503 also, and i'm at Amunis ...

FYI, it's 1 toolbox for exemple for gain 35 médals ... not 35 Toolboxs ^^

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I am at the end of Elementals and I've got the "4350" version. I'm going to try the "Doing 40 Toolboxes" idea - production already set, now to wait until tomorrow.


Hello, it' ONE TOOLBOX for 35 médals ... not 35 TOOLBOXS ^^


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I like having no quests to decline, depending on what you get, it is automatically taken into account (it would be nice this principle for adventures :rolleyes:).
The intermediate awards are good but the final could be better


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@Biloutte91 : Yes, everyone knows it, but if you have version which needs 4350 medals, you get 115 medals for 1 toolbox. It means if you build 40 workshops, you need only 1 day to complete it (actually, 38 is enough, but 40 is easier to count :p).


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it just seems beeing testing different amounts.

Do we all get same amount of medals?

And, this time, can we only reach the 215 goal? Or can we reach the end and the carting libery?


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I like this new feature very much - great way to gain the catalysts and spell fragments + I love this little library. But as was already mentioned, the amounts of medals for each production need to be changed. Yes, it is simple to complete the task by lot of little workshops and toolboxes,I personally really dont mind to gain something for free. But if I had just small city it would bothered me a lot. It would be fine if the amount of medals would be at least for initial capitols lower.

One more comment from my side, I love this as long as it does not have an influence on tournaments. If this is just new feature for breaks without events and FA, great, you did (almost without the little problems already mentioned in comments) wonderful job. If it would have an influence on tournaments, then just keep it somewhere safe hidden.


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Really would not call this an event its more of a Game Feature to go along with Crafting
One gets to collect fragments for Crafting items in turn collecting medals with an reward at the end
2 days interesting to note if it has more levels to complete
Halfway there will find out soon enough

I do definitely like the idea
Everything seems to be working fine


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Is there a counter somewhere for spells? Shouldn't that be visible?
Can we mix and match or does it have to be 10 per type?
That would be really unfair to small players, there'll be a lot of complaints about that one, I can assure you

But I LOVE this!!
ha, soon to be picking up 12 toolboxes :p


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So far so good, the fragments are oh so welcome :)
And the solution for keeping score is brilliant, can we have something similar in the adventures? It would be so nice on our tendinitis :)