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Discussion Challenges


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Fair enough, but the cost to individual players would not be so extreme if desired spells were not so so relic dependent, and if developer would consider how this trashes game investment. I upgraded my magic academy based on calculations that I would be able to sustain enough relics for my desired use for it.

MM spells cost 2 each of t2+1 and t3+2. CC cost t1+2, t2+1 and t3+2.
You have designed extremely high relic dependence on t2+1 and t3+2.

If you play a good tournament you simply do not need to craft the other spells, well, maybe some playing styles need 2.5 IM crafted per week, but this hardly cuts into relic use at all.

There is so much take away from players "rebalancing" happening all the time. I think a rebalancing of where and how relics are used is in order.

I know that I lost the opportunity to go strong in one dust tournament because of dealing with surgery and attempting to get my sister's partner to give me what she left me in her will (- shared off topic learning here, I discovered even with a will, getting it enforced is very expensive if the executor refuses. For bank assets if you declare a beneficiary with the bank, the executor can't touch it, which is what my sister did for what she left to my brother and my brother did get what my sister left to him although her partner did try to take that for himself as well, but because the bank had beneficiary instructions he could not steal it. She left me her jewelry and he just refused to give it to me. I decided her memory lives in my heart and battling him isn't worth it.), but one strong tournament is in the range of 400-500 relics.

I have 1300 less t3+2 relics than t2+1 so it really looks to me that how relic use has been planned is the root cause of this problem. Having real life issues for one tournament shouldn't do this, and didn't do this because I should only be down in the range of 500 relics between these two. I've always valued MM spells so I didn't use them in an FA.

About the whole Relic thingy: Yes, it's true that at the moment on Beta we had to remove the tournaments for now to make room for testing the Challenges and no, we're not going to "compensate" for any estimated number of missed relics. The goal is to have Tournaments and Challenges run simultaneously when it gets to Live :)


Does anyone know what the 4 prizes are before the Carting Library (I've only completed two, so far)? Are they going to be different for each player in the future? I definitely like the 3,503 medals versus the 4,350....but either would fine, really.

I'm curious how this would look when a tournament is going on...two banners?

It's a fun little side project that we can play along with if we choose to, or simply ignore if we aren't interested. :)


I just can imagine this quest system used in FA.. :)


instead of banners behind badges could be also some little progress bars :)

yes the same thing for the Fellowship Adventures


A little in this style :) :) :)


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Well, I actually have 143 expansions and you actually have 114, but you have 182 free spaces and I have 54. Regardless of expansions, we have the same decision making process about what we have that we want to keep and what to delete to increase space. Sure, I could free up a lot more space, but at huge opportunity costs. I personally don't see myself trying for the top 3 individual prizes I've suggested as it is way too high in opportunity costs and chances are that I already have something that is just as good as any prize given. Having something just as good to be bothered to compete be more true for diamond players then you realize.

I'd have to delete manufactories and residences to free up space and ensure I have the population to build the workshops. I am not at all sure about event buildings to keep or delete because we still don't know the plan on restoration spells.

Nonsense. I have no desire to see an event where players with 110 expansions are competing with players who have 132 expansions.

I simply don't want limited prizes. Make it like the tournament where if you do this, you get that. No funny business where someone else who you don't even know can ruin your results.

Make it all just ranking points and I won't care, but if it's even a single 1-minute timer instant, forget it.


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which city because edeba in beta isn't what you describe. (btw; this goes off topic, why continue anyway)...


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i hope that this mini events will be as often as possible, because they are easy and rewarding, maybe more stages for more active players with increased linear difficulty and rewards would also be nice
you can even finish this event without even knowing about it, just with normal active play


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yeah, so resume:
mini-event: good
values spells should change
ofcourse we'd like the fastest little event
(maybe alter values so they're even more like workshopproductions)
I'd like only fragments as in-between-rewards; I can make spells easily

this isn't instead of tournament and the plan is to have this in between big events.


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I honestly do not even understand why spells are included.
Why would you even want to use spells?

compared to the "regular" production they are much more "prized", there is so much you can do with spells thats always a better option then using them on the challenges. there only fun when you accidently already wanted to use them anyway.
even changing them to spell fragments is a better choice then using them for those challenge points.


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some will hate it; but: maybe also possible to gain fragments through province-fights?
-making units
-give/receive help


2 days to test...
it is no good...
player should allow to continue to run in next cycle and further cycles
this will allow the test to cover both end "weak side" and "strong side"


Next tournament is start is Gem Tournament (please check tournament tab for that info ) in coming week

I suppose this is a new game feature....it is not to replace any existing game features
I rather think
some of player inventory is actually emptied, there is no way for them to dismantle to get spell fragment

this is a new game feature to allow player to get spell fragment instead of "dismantle nothing in inventory"

apart from this tournament give spell items and kp which is super super super quite important


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I like it. It's a chance to earn some extra combining catalysts and spell fragments just by running your workshops. Regarding spells, at 10 points for casting, I think that's just a bit of a bonus if you need to use them but not a good idea to waste them for a few extra points. It's like any other event; sometimes it will time well because you have space between chapters and other times it won't. On Beta, I have settlement space right now and on some of my live server cites I do not. I should at least be able to get all the catalysts and spell fragments there and I'm happy with that. The Carting Library is a small building prize but this is not a very difficult challenge so I don't think it's out of line with what's being asked. If you can't use it, it can always be disenchanted for some more spell fragments.