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Discussion The Season of Joy


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Someone explain to me what this is for.. non sense return part of the diamonds in place of three possibles rewards


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If it is correct that would be nice...
...but, Seasonal Pass costs 3000:diamond:, just 800:diamond: (150+250+400) is aprox a quarter of that total IF completing whole Pass...

EDIT: Seems some of the suggestions were considered?
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Eek!! There are bodies in Knowledge Points? Oh man, that Stoner dude (from the Summer events) must have lost his hallucinogenic in the water supply :eek:


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it would be nice if they admit that they were wrong to increase the season pass to 3000 diamonds and if they bring it back to 2500, instead of replacing rewards with diamonds
With 2000 :diamond: , a Power of Music (Chapter 20) Magic Residence can be purchased instead, that provides 33800 population (for 6x4 = 24 tiles)
[Wiki] Magic Residence


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I think they need to rethink the price of the season pass or offer better prizes for the pass. Offering season pass prizes I can craft in the MA doesnt give me much incentive to want to purchase the pass lol.


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They should add light/heavy/heavy ranged buildings and some others like mana/seeds/unurium/orc production increasing buildings both to academy crafting and season.

It's not fair there's plenty of light and mage units buildings in game but almost no others.

Also, for 3000 diamonds, rewards must be worth it. Strongest dailies, a lot of VIP buildings.
What they offer for 3000 is terrible. I wouldn't pay 500 for that.

Level 50 prize is a joke. This should be most powerful prize of all offered.

Amy Steele

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Elvenar Team
"Solve event quest" daily when you are waiting few more days to complete "Scout Provinces or Research Technologies" is nonsense...
A very good point, very well made. We'll forward this as feedback in conjunction with feedback regarding this scout/research quest from the event thread!