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Discussion The Queen of the Seas QLE


By the way, you could consider using "Edit" button instead of creating multipost every time, you want to add sth.
Please explain what you are trying to say. I don't think I have created multiposts. If I had, the forum moderators would have alerted me. What does "sth" mean?

@PrimroseSylvia Thank you for showing me how to insert a Spoiler button.

When another event loading screen we like appears and we want to save it as our Background, we could wait for someone to post the url link on the Forum or save it ourselves, if we knew how. Please edit these instructions Karvest, if incorrect. Any help is most appreciated.

Open browser Developer Tools. Shortcut in Opera: Hold down Ctr Shift I
Reload the game for the image you want to use as background.

Not sure if you have to check the box “Disable Cache.”
Under Network, copy link url for the loading screen:


Not sure where to paste link url after copying. Assuming you paste it to your browser’s address bar.

Right click on image and save as .png or .jpeg file.
Open saved file (found in pictures folder), right click and choose:
Set as: Lock Screen," Background or App Tile.
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@Electra Firestorm You have 3 posts in one row. That's multipost. On our national forum section, mods would have joined them into one.

Indeed, and done now :) @Electra Firestorm , multiposting means multiple post in a row, without any other players posting in between. If you want to add something to your post so quickly after you posted and noone else has reacted yet in that thread, please use the "edit" button instead of making a new reply. Thank you :)