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Discussion The Queen of the Seas QLE


here I could see a turtle on the water looking at south-east on my map.

Today we could see the seashore on no-beta (french for exemple) server but with the same navigator (google chrome) and same 100% zoom I couldn't see the turtle on the map.
The camera traveling stop before it (only show the beach with the shell but doesn't go longer enought on the water to show the turtle) ..
is it normal ?


@PrimroseSylvia I'm still learning about computers. Can you tell me where to find the game's files. Is it in a folder on our computers?


Congratulations to everyone who completed the event. Hope I have enough time to complete Quest 38. Waiting for the tournament to start. If I can't "Solve 60 Tournament Encounters," then it'll be up to my neighbors to trade with me so I can negotiate. I've placed plenty of trades, waiting for buyers to show up.

Just noticed the border of our cities. Looks like we're on an exotic island. Hope the game devs keep it like this.


Beautiful graphics, and this QL has been fun so far. I will say it's a little much for smaller cities like mine at the end--buying fifteen knowledge points about cleaned me out, and then the larger productions towards the end are difficult to manage without building more manufactories and the like. Ditto with the spell fragments thing, and between the 1 day production I've been told there is and the spell fragments thing I'm going to just stop with quest 33 and cut my losses. I understand, though, that it can be hard to balance making it fun for both large and small cities, so...good job! I have to say I liked this way better than the summer solstice event in main, it is definitely more manageable for smaller cities than that was.


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just open developer tools of your browser and reload the game, you will see something like this
then you can copy link url and get direct link to the


@PrimroseSylvia @Karvest
Thank you so much for the instructions. After you copy the url link to your address bar and hit enter, Elvenar's loading screen should display. Then do you need to save the loading screen to your pictures folder and choose this picture for your background or screensaver?


Yes! Just finished by 5 minutes. Since no one was trading with me (I don't blame them because we need an outrageous amount of goods to negotiate and have to hold onto as many goods as we can), I had to wait until the tournament opened to complete Quest 38 Solve 12 Encounters OR Solve 60 Tournament Encounters. Then I realized I made a HUGE mistake. I started a scout the day before but didn't calculate correctly the time it would finish. With 32 hours for the scout to finish and 5 minutes for the event to finish, I broke down and spent diamonds to complete the scouting. And wouldn't you know it after I completed the event, all my neighbors started picking up my trades. Ugh!! Live and learn. I won't make that mistake again.


I understand, though, that it can be hard to balance making it fun for both large and small cities,
Elvenar's game devs should sneak into Forge of Empires and see how they do it. They set up events according to the era you're up to in your game. They know it's not fair to ask a player who's in the lower ages to win a huge amount of battles which would be easier for a higher-age player.

As it is, I don't upgrade anymore and I'm building less and less because you need space to add buildings for the events and you don't want to be stuck unable to complete an upgrade quest. The Orcs and Goblins chapter is a pain for me. So many shrooms and loot are needed causing me not to be able to advance on the research tree. So if there's a quest asking to research a technology and no other alternative, I'm stuck and can't complete the event.


@Karvest Hmmm? My developer tools screen looks different than yours and I don't see the large loading screen url. I chose Network but I didn't check the Disable Cache button. Here's what mine looks like.

Developer Tools Screen.JPG


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@Electra Firestorm quests in Elvenar events are doable by all players, not making difference by chapter. There is no quest "Research a technology" without an alternative and I also don't think encounter solving is easier for advanced players (considering long scouting of provinces). Everybody can do that (maybe except very fresh beginners; however their priority is usually different than completing an event).
By the way, you could consider using "Edit" button instead of creating multipost every time, you want to add sth.


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@Electra Firestorm yes, you need to save the picture you want to use it as screensaver.
If you don't find a file, you can click on "type" (3rd column) and they all will be organized per type, just look for .png or .jpeg file.
To insert a spoiler button you have only to click on + button and then on Spoiler, have a look here


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Right Click the img kravest spoiler pic save img
open image then right click set as Background