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Discussion The Queen of the Seas QLE


I prefer the short ones. They're more manageable. Long ones tie your city up for too long and get in the way of normal development. Mind you I liked the evolving Phoenix buildings but three long ones in the first 6 months of the year is too many. I'm rather hoping that once the spire gets fully developed that will reduce the need for so many events to keep the players who aren't in fellowships or have reached the end of the last current chapter busy. I long event, one short one like this a couple of FAs and a couple of challenges a quarter might leave about three clear weeks placed split either side of the long event and several partial weeks which as I said will give people a chance to work on their city with out temporary buildings getting in the way.
Totally agree...but PLEASE make the PRIZES reflect the time and effort spent...3 minute boost??? Come On! You can do better than that for your hard working and playing members...

Loki Blue

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1 - Move one Building
2 - Give NH 3 times
3 - place 3 trades
4 - accept 3 trades
5 - produce beverages 3 times
6 - produce simple tools 5 times
7 - spend 3 KPs
8 - buy 3 KPs
9 - gain 3 relics
10 - upgrade 3 buildings to lvl 4 or higher
11 - produce boosted tier1 good 8 times (8x3h)

You rock, sir! :D


1. Move 1 building
2. Give Neighborly Help 3 times
3. Place 3 Trade offers
4. Accept 3 player of Wholesale offers
5. Produce Beverages [5 m] 3 times
6. Produce Simple Tools [15 m] 5 times
7. Spend 3 Knowledge Points
8. Buy 3 Knowledge Points
9. Gain 3 Relics
10. Upgrade 3 Buildings to level 4 or higher
11. Produce [Bonus Tier 1: 3 h] 8 times
12. Produce [Bonus Tier 1: 9 h] 4 times
13. Solve 4 Encounters or Solve 20 Tournament Encounters
14. Produce Beverages [5 m] 20 times
15. Produce Simple Tools [15 m] 5 times
16. Scout 1 Province or Gain 600 Spell Fragments
17. Produce Bread [1 h] 15 times
18. Produce Advanced Tools [3 h] 10 times
19. Spend 10 Knowledge Points
20. Buy 10 Knowledge Points
21. Solve 8 Encounters or Solve 40 Tournament Encounters
22. Gain or use Spells 2 times
23. Gain a big amount of Coins
24. Collect 5 Enchantment items
25. Recruit a stack of Units (2x Squad size)
26. Gain or use Spells 5 times
27. Scout 1 Province or Upgrade 1 building to level 13 or higher
28. Produce Advanced Tools [3 h] 10 times
29. Produce Basket of Groceries [9 h] 8 times
30. Upgrade 5 Buildings to level 5 or higher
31. Spend 15 Knowledge Points
32. Buy 15 Knowledge Points
33. Recruit a stack of Units (1x Squad size)
34. Produce [Bonus Tier 1: 9 h] 10 times
35. Produce [Bonus Tier 1: 1 d] 6 times
36. Gain or use Spells 6 times
37. Gain 600 Spell Fragments
38. Solve 12 Encounters or Solve 60 Tournament Encounters
39. Scout 1 Province or Research 1 technology
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Here is a preview that you are welcome to share with your friends who do not play in Beta:



My beta city is microscopic (I haven't put in any expansions yet), but I'm having fun with this so far. It's encouraging me to actually upgrade some of my buildings to level 4, for example. I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish the questline with such a tiny city, but after just finishing Summer Solstice on EN3, it's sort of fun to do something more laid back. And I like the variety of rewards.

Overall, this event is very newb-friendly, with lots of small prizes along the way. I like it.


Looking at the whole quest list, there's no reasonable way I could do this with my micro-city. Couldn't get that many spell fragments if I disenchanted everything in my inventory, including the rewards for the current event (which would be pretty stupid). So this event is not as newb-friendly as I thought. I still will get some nice rewards though.

I would have liked a mermaid ...

(I know, the solution is just to grow my city, and maybe I could, but I'm not going to just for one event. I like my city the way it is. Which is why I'm wistful rather than upset.)


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Gain 5 spells without a Use is going to take some players 2.5 days. Players on mobile cannot even collect treasure boxes to try to gain spells because, mobile is only a fraction of the real game. Do you know how hard it is to spend 15 kp on mobile if you are tech locked, have not researched wonders, or have no wonder? you can't even visit a city and dump it anywhere while on mobile. Yes, tech locked in chapter 3 because we had to clear so many provinces last event players have no resources or troops left ( gain relics, solve encounters or tournament ). Silly, broken mobile game is impossible to do quests on! If we are going to have events non-stop with mediocre prizes at least make the quests possible on the events that require 39 quests for one main prize. I say one even though there is two, but the wishing well is way better than a mermaid any day and together the mermaid stats and wishing well, do not justify 39 grueling quests.

Disenchanting for spell frags over and over and over again is also ridiculous. We no longer win enough daily prizes in your other events to have a stock to disenchant from our inventory. Inno's main events seem to spit out nothing but garbage coin rains now, and we don't even have enough of those left to disenchant for that repetitive "disenchant for X-number of spell fragments quest because the next quest i will complain about for most players is the quests asking us to buy ridiculous amounts of KP!

The quests require too many level 1 buildings that our cities could otherwise be using in game for something far more productive then a pop/culture building barely better than a house. Seriously, should have saved the mermaid for something you have to nerf later, an FA or diamond only purchase, cause a magical house would be better then a Mermaid..... I can't sell this event to anyone for the art alone, just isn't worth the time it takes to make these events passable. I think the point of testing events is to finish the event right? If i don't time my scout, just right ( it takes 3 days ), i won't even get a prize for all that math and nonsense. That's not fun. How can you be proud of your mermaid if no one can place it, or is Inno just looking for a "pay to win" event?

Loki Blue

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Finished the quest about 20 minutes ago, and placed the Queen. Not too shabby. :D Now, what I want to know is...does the Sharkpolooza have anything to do with her? Down the way, I mean? ;)


King of Bugs
Finished the quest about 20 minutes ago, and placed the Queen. Not too shabby. :D Now, what I want to know is...does the Sharkpolooza have anything to do with her? Down the way, I mean? ;)
of course, as said in announcement, there coming big summer celebration

King Luckybaby

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I am also finished :)
Since yesterday
It was a very simple mini-event

And - I wrote it - maybe, it could be possible - the next Guest Race from Atlantis ??? ;)


I definitely want the new race to come from the sea, I wouldn't mind if they were mermaids, the constructs seem too technical to me, I prefer more fantasy and less science. But anyway, I hope they have some better plan than just adding infinite amount of new chapters and guest races, it's getting kinda repetitive and tedious (on my live server, I'm not very adnvanced on beta).


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Recently started a city in Beta, so still small/chapter 1 ... really struggling to get 5 enchantments (#24) and suspect #37, gain 600 spell fragments, is going to be a showstopper