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Discussion The Queen of the Seas QLE


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Dear Humans and Elves,

Please see the announcement for our "The Queen of the Seas" Questline Event here and let us know what you think about it!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


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fine ....
hopefully not an event like the two last events.

hopefully the beginn of something else, like more province expansion.

But it seems to bei the introducing of the celebration auf the mermaid queen. just like last summer event. There was also a short event, before large summer event with days of the music startet.

That would be boring, boring boring
so boring, I am not able to tell you ....

but, just wait and hope.

Loki Blue

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Clearly the daughter of a particular Elder God and a Sea Elf. Or she's the Elvenar equivalent of Penny Hofstadter (drinks like a fish, geddit?).

I do not want to do this event. But since I'm a glutton for punishment (careful...), I just can't help myself. :p

Bravo to the artists, as always.

Deleted User - 60107

*bored voice* Yaaaay...

Sorry, after last event I just can't get excited for this one.


I prefer the short ones. They're more manageable. Long ones tie your city up for too long and get in the way of normal development. Mind you I liked the evolving Phoenix buildings but three long ones in the first 6 months of the year is too many. I'm rather hoping that once the spire gets fully developed that will reduce the need for so many events to keep the players who aren't in fellowships or have reached the end of the last current chapter busy. I long event, one short one like this a couple of FAs and a couple of challenges a quarter might leave about three clear weeks placed split either side of the long event and several partial weeks which as I said will give people a chance to work on their city with out temporary buildings getting in the way.


Gibt es schon eine Quest-Liste? Do you have a quest-list?


Reward #12: 5 Relics !? Really, come on, even coin rain would be more useful. :(


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Looks fun


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Why oh Why can;t the developers release a quest list EVEN 10 minutes before the event starts ???


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1 - Move one Building
2 - Give NH 3 times
3 - place 3 trades
4 - accept 3 trades
5 - produce beverages 3 times
6 - produce simple tools 5 times
7 - spend 3 KPs
8 - buy 3 KPs
9 - gain 3 relics
10 - upgrade 3 buildings to lvl 4 or higher
11 - produce boosted tier1 good 8 times 3h (8x3h)
12 - produce boosted tier1 good 4 times 9h (4x9h)
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