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My native is Slovak, I understand also Czech and little bit Polish. Ive been learning English and Deutsch six years ... but it was 20 years ago ... so I dont know whether I speak English or only usin English words :) and from Deutsch I know : Guten Tag und auf Wiedersehen, ein Bier bitte und wie viel es kostet und aber natürlich ( sometimes I visit Vienna from Bratislava :)

btw. greet this my friend G.T. :D


I am french but I can speak English. German, I can understand a little bit, but not much, and can't write it !


I just speak elfic but trying to do an effort to learn some human primitive languages.


I speak only German. My English is not good but i can read English and understand the most. For more i use the google translator


I speak french (native language and it's also my work : i'm teacher of French language for french students). I learn english during my studies but i know that my english is very poor (i'm like Zerberoff : i can read English and understand the most parts but for more i use google translator !)
Hi rugbug I speal cat too (i have actually four cats ! They learn me every day !)


I speak Dutch, English, a bit of Spanish. Further I speak a bit of Elvish and Old Norse, a tad of Latin and Greek. And don't forget that I know my way around CSS and HTML


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French (native language)
English (pretty fluent)
German (basics, my vocabulary is rusted ;) )
can find my way around Italian