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Hi everyone,

What language do you speak?

I speak French. (I looking for someone to teach me English! For participating in Elvenar!)



I speak Dutch and am fairly fluent in English.

I know some basic French and German.

And Nash, the best way to learn is to talk with people in English. I can't really teach you, as it's not my mother language either, but if you ever have questions feel free to poke me. If I can explain/help I will try


I speak Spanish and i would said that i'm fairly decent at English, though my weak-point is pronunciation. I am also learning Japanese.


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My native is Hungarian, live in UK so can improve my english anytime, just have to go out. :)
Used to live in France as well, there I learned the basic "street" language only. I love it so like to learn more of that. The funny side: in school I've learned Russian. Perhaps that's the reason I can't make a complete sentence... :D


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I speak Polish as my native, English fluently. German and French just basics, and I can read Cyrillic alphabet.
I had some interests in Japanese but I forgot most of what I had learned.


Man, i wish i could speak Spanish.

Dutch is my native language, English practically my 2nd, and i speak some German.


Hungarian is my native language. I've learned German for 12 years, but I didn't really use it in the last 3 years, so I forgot lots of things. (So sad :( But I want to restart :)) I also speak English... I don't say I'm perfect in it, but I try. :)
(Maybe the non-native English speakers should have a training corner where we could help out each other with the difficulties of this language. :D)

I also learned japanese, but since I didn't really use it, I forgot most of the kanas (characters), and phrases. Now the only thing I can say is My name is ... . :D

I'd love to learn french and russian or spanish. :)


My language is Dutch, like some other ones here. My 2nd language is English. I also speak a little German and French, and I learn to read Latin (and some ancient-Greek).


My main language is Dutch (Flemish), 2nd language should be French but my English is better :p


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My native language is Macedonian, but I like to think my English is pretty decent as well. I can also understand and speak some Spanish, Italian, and French, but my writing for all three of those languages is pretty bad.


Native English speaker here from the US :D
I'm willing to help anyone here speak English, but I can't say i'll be able to translate the English into your language :p


I speak Duch, English (although my grammar sucks) and Dutch Sign Language on a level that I can make conversations in those languages. I also know some German, French, American Sign Language and British Sign Language. And no, I'm not deaf ;)


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Interesting to see two hungarians before me, and one connected with me in game. As that hungarian :D
Also "for me it's good enough" english, and basic level in german.
I aslo like to learn one or two other one, at least, to understand the basics of it, but for the next couple of month, I've got other things to do, and after that I don't know how hard the universities are.


I speak only german fluently... my english knowledges are only basic. I understand the most, that is all :-D. I can understand Swiss German and Alemannic, too.