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I would ♥love♥ to travel to your country one day. It has always been a dream of mine to visit all the museums and fully immerse myself in your history. What a great country. Your English seems very good. Practice and you'll do better.. Much better than my French..:p
And I just want to travel to Canada :D seems so beautiful country, so different as what we have here ! (And I'm a big Hockey Fan :D)
You are right, France really is a beautiful country, so little but with many an many landscape. I can't contradict you with our history because i'm on my way to become an History teacher :p

So, you are welcome to visit France, we are not as rude as everybody say ! (at last not everybody ^^)


I speak Polish, English and Germany :D
I learn now third language (DE) ;)


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I am from germany so I can speak german. Beside that, I can fluently speak english and have some basics in chinese, french and japanese. :D


My native language is german and I learned some english in School, the Basic things like"hello my Name is".


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I am french and i speak english.

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Hi Nash, my first language is English, and second, and third....

I've been trying to learn French, but haven't had much luck. I'd be glad to help you with your English though, let me know anytime.


My native language is Latvian and I also speak English and Russian. English is the language I use the most on Internet, that's for sure. I also had German for 3 years back in highschool, but I barely used it after graduating, so I've forgotten most of it by now (quite sad, because German sounds pretty badass).


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I`m from germany, so I can understand and speak german
and little bit english, sorry not so good
and little swedish, I like this land


native german, english and a bit spanish and italian, cause compulsory latin as first speech at school -.-

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Hi everyone
I speak italian that's my native language, then I understand most of english writings but I have some problems when I have to write ;)