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Discussion Fellowship Adventures

Lovec Krys

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How about three in a row? :D
(or two FAs at the same time (but this is probably not possible without some extra coding))


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March 19th we will start a new round of Fellowship Adventures, so get your Fellowships together and grab some nice rewards! There'll be new rewards:
  • Map 1
    • AWKP 15
    • Carting Library
    • Time Booster 10m (x10)
  • Map 2
    • AWKP 20 (x2)
    • Tome of Sorcerer's Wisdom*
    • Time Booster 30m (x15)
  • Map 3
    • Ferris Wheel Galore
    • Sorcerer Trials Artifact
    • Time Booster 45m (x25)

  • Contents of Tome of Sorcerer's Wisdom:
    • Pilgrim's Manor Set pieces (7 pieces)
    • Royal Restoration (x8)
mpe_g type

Willie B. Gone

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Second map from the FA that has started on Beta now - as I read this - you can only get 1 building from the set, excellent nerf job Inno - you have taken prizes that were not worth the effort to get and made them more worthless


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as I read this - you can only get 1 building from the set, excellent nerf job Inno

Plus I would like to suggest @InnoGames to clarify that the Tome of Wizards' Wisdom can be used for only one of the seven set-pieces.
Some fellows thougt that they will be getting the whole "Pilgrim's Mansion Set". ;)
I guess that being able to misunderstand announcements could be avoided by announcing for example:"Tome of Wizards' Wisdom(1 of 7 pieces)"
quote taken from here: https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/question-on-upcoming-fa.19077/