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Discussion Fellowship Adventures


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:D :D



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seriously ?? Tomorrow is not April 1st - this is probably a really bad April joke :(( as my predecessor already said - Inno now wants to scare away its last players in order to organize a GA in addition to an event in the run-up to Christmas?? falls inno, isn't there something better? :mad::mad::mad::eek:


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"By the way, there are no plans tu run the GA (FA) for the live servers during the winter event."
Thanks God for small favor.
Lately there's a large use of the White Rabbit's clock.


Oh, the clocks tick differently on the beta?? What a bummer, I'm losing a few good Gildies again because they just don't feel like doing something like that at Christmas time!! Or is there no Christmas on the beta if you continue like this and then with arguments like this "the clocks just tick differently on the BETA" then you don't have to be surprised if it feels like every other guild is inactive.
Honestly, WHAT'S THAT GOOD???
I wish whoever decided this an extremely stressful Christmas, ideally with availability from December 24th to 31st.
angry greetings xydonia

@ Tacheless, a beta is there for testing, but errors should be fixed in the alpha phase, by the way, this has already been written several times, and as long as you have to pay for slides on the BETA, it's no longer a TEST!!!

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