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Discussion Days of Music QLE


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Dear Humans and Elves,

Please see the announcement of our upcoming "Days of Music" Questline Event here and let us know what you think about it!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


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Prize is not bad, like Venar's Spiritual Nexus, but gives a bit more population and a bit less culture.
Just wonder how much free space I need to complete it...


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Will it be another "produce countless beverages, scout, do encounters, buy KPs, spend KPs, upgrade this or that aso" event?
I still hope that devs will show a bit more imagination this time. ;)


I'm mostly happy that it's a prelude to the summer event. And why ? I'm just about to finish Halflings and should now be able to reach Elemental chapter in time for *the* summer event... better value for prize buildings if I should find something interesting then.

Not so sure if I bother actually to play this prelude, let's see. Not that interested in pop & culture buildings right now.


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I'm just wondering why anyone would want to spend the time and effort to win such an ugly looking building.:(
Is that really the best they could come up with?? An orc looking shack??

Loki Blue

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Elfstock, eh? Fantastic!

Thor and I will be there with bells on.


Ok, I'm exaggerating. I do that. I'll be there, Thor will be passed out in the field. :p

Seriously though, I can't wait...already making space for the prize. :D


I'm just wondering why anyone would want to spend the time and effort to win such an ugly looking building.:(
Is that really the best they could come up with?? An orc looking shack??
I couldn't agree more. The buildings just seem to be getting worse. I think I'll be giving this one a miss. :(


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I am very happy to see that it is not another blue or turquoise building. Enough already - it looks like the blue fairy is running amok in my city. With the red fairy hot on her heels. I long for the day when we get some new designs for buildings.


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While I agree that the event format is getting a little tired, I'm not sure what else the devs can do.
Our cities produce, upgrade, expand, and advance, so that is pretty much the pool of quests they pull from.
how about a quest that asks you to find a random chest 'thingie' in a neighbours city. they allready do chest and mana essence etc randomly in the map, that could be used for a quest.
How about they add a new production in the magic academy, that uses limited time goods (maybe from random drop around the map) and that you need to create that for the event.

There is really much more you can add for an event then using only the features that are allready there.

But honestly, i dont think any new quests will come before the quest overhaul is complete. I imagine they are redoing the quest overhaul mainly so they can add new kinds of quests.

Deleted User - 60107

What is that ugly... thing... that gives us the quests? Is that supposed to be some sort of an orc wearing a wig?


I really really enjoy the storyline, .... Good Times :D

Not so overjoyed with the quest rewards :( How many 3 minutes boosts could a player possible want? :confused:
I miss the small little buildings we could win in an earlier event as a quest reward. Would also be extremely nice towards starting players who can't finish all the quest when it comes to relics and confrontations.


I dont even think chapter 1 players can finish this event, not sure if its intended

No they can't, but for them those nice little buildings we could win in previous event, would be a wonderful prize already. Something that doesn't require a lot of space but still gives some culture or a little bit of extra population.