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City [City] "Next Player" button for switching cities

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Implement a "next visit" button when visiting other players, to take you to the next unmotivated town right away.

My idea is to have a button next to "back to world map" with the title "next village". Clicking on that button would bring you to the next unmotivated player. If there is non, either the button get greyed out, or redirect you to your own village.

How would this sort the villages: Possibilty one - according to map, which I found harder then second possibility: By player ID. Every player would have a list of the player ID's of scouted villages, and would go through that.

I was thinking about how to make neighbourly help a little bit better. The main problem with help, that it takes much time to load the map, then go to the next village. So it will reduce server load, enhance player engagement, is more user friendly and will probably result in more NH/interaction.

Possible downsides
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nice idea
for people with not so a power full pc this is a very good idea


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This idea has been forwarded together with other options to create a quicker way to give neighbourly help: a list of discovered players, an "Aid" button and a mouseover with quick city options.

Here are the links to the other threads:


Yes i think this is a very necessary improvement! If you return to your city the notifications menu is closed and takes too long to open again and search the page where you was last time. And if you return to world map it takes too long to load. Do this a couple of times would be okay but it is a real pain repeat that for all neighbours. So I think this will be an ideal solution.


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+10 for this one :D
Helping others right now is becoming a real issue!!! + my browser cannot keep up with the memory needed....


Good idea!

But, for those who want to visit only selected players, a "Discovered Friends" tab could be added to the right side of the game window as well.
In addition to this, the discovered friends' avatars could have 3 icons below; Main Hall - Culture - Builders. This would save time when we are in a hurry or performing motivate/polish action for friends who are not very active but we still want to gain som money through them.

* The latest culture building in the tech tree gets the priority
* For visiting, we click on the friend's avatar; for m/p activity without visiting, we only click one of the icons.
* The m/p icons could be followed by a message icon of course.

Here is the mock-up for how I imagined it. A bit lame but you get the idea :p