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Discussion Autumn Zodiac

Loki Blue

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Gotta tell you, the 3xT1 requirement is ridiculous. In fact, it's words I can't use on the forum without incurring a ban. There's my spur-of-the-moment-enough-to-quit-the-event feedback. I wasn't ready to have to make room for the damned things (I remodeled not too long ago to make more guest-race space), and if I didn't want the fricking Ice Bear, I wouldn't bother continuing. o_O


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Hello. I apologize if i'm not on the right session and also for my English (I'm french…).

The event ask me to produce 3 times T1 with buildings of my current advancement (minimum level = previous chapter). I'm currently in chapter 5 and my Marble manufactories are level 9, but the quest is not accepted… I think there's something i don't understand, but I can't see what…

Can anybody help me please ?
Level 9 marble manufactories should count, but I see that you've got 3 level 8 manufactories... Are you sure having used the right ones?


Yes, level 8 first, then I upgrade 3 manufactories to retry, but it failed... :-((


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i suggest you make a bug report, if quest asks for mozaic and you producing a mozaic in lvl9 marble manu, or if quest asks for pillars and you producing pillars in lvl9 marble manu then it should be a bug, dont know which quest you got


I'm on Mozaic Pilars… A new production is running and I will see in a couple of hours… If it's not good, I will send a bug report as you suggest…

Thank you for your answer :))


why not? you can use your time boosters to speed up the upgrading of extra workshops/factories to the needed level, if you are considering building extra.
i would suggest: be creative. Try to work your way around this new challenge.

We had a problem with players being able to 'cheat' the system by placing too many workshops and factories then that was intended, this would become a huge problem when we made the quest endless. So we try to tackle this issue on different ways, last event we tried it with 'complete province' quests, this time we try it with current advancement quests.
We feel confident that this approach is better then the last one, and that the players will stay within our desired prize outcome. Only time will tell, we know all of you can be very creative. And if its really as bad as you all think now, we can take that feedback for the next event or even try to adjust some things in this event if that is technically possible. But at the moment im confident that it won't be needed.

PS: also realise that if you win 6 bears, you probably wont be able to get enough pet food to support them all anyway

If a player has the room to place multiple T1 factories and/or workshops, it's hardly a "cheat" of the system. However REQUIRING that everyone have X number of manus and X number of workshops at the maximum level for their chapter, is a ridiculous request of a game that tries to cater to "individuality". With event buildings, set buildings, magic buildings, and evolving buildings, most of us no longer have a need for large numbers of fully upgraded manus and workshops. But now INNO has decided we HAVE to build our cities the way THEY want them to look....Not cool at all....as you can see from the feedback on this forum thread.

And we get "time boosters" in events to help us build/upgrade those buildings we DESIRE to have in our cities. Why should we be required to use the "prizes" from the last event to advance in the current event? What then is the point of even earning prizes if we're to never be able to use them for the purpose for which we "won" them? Your statement just creates a never ending cycle of "win this prize so you can use it in the next event to earn a prize that you'll then have to spend in the next event." So again, what's the point of earning these prizes?

Don't like that players were able to complete so many quests in the last event? That's hardly the fault of the players.


beware, previous chapter manufactories and current chapter manufactories don't mix. The "or" makes it so that either you use this chapter manufactories, OR previous chapter's.

Sry, I am not english.
Did I understood you right: We can't mix??? Alls productions must be made by the same-level workshops or manufactories?????
Oh - no ... then it takes me even more hours to bring the "event-extra-buildings" on the same level :-(
I thought the level of previous chapter would be fine ... oh dears ...

But I like the bears very much too - and hope, I get some artefacts to build up one of them


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beware, previous chapter manufactories and current chapter manufactories don't mix. The "or" makes it so that either you use this chapter manufactories, OR previous chapter's.
Can we get confirmation from a mod/etc that this is supposed to work this way? It sounds like a bug. If not, this makes it far too restrictive.


I can't just laugh, it's not possible this isn't a mistake, so I really don't know what to think.



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Elvenar Team
@Kersepitje When I first read your post, I felt a little hopeful. I'm finished with Constructs on Beta and concerned about the scouting quests. You said that there is only 1 scout quest without an alternative. But that is only true for players who haven't finished the tech tree since the alternative is to complete research. Would you have been successful in the event and loved the new quest line if you had to wait for a long scout (58 hours for my city, much higher for many others) every time you got the scout quest? Please, please fix this. I've already built 2 more T1 and am working to get another level 30 workshop to be prepared for those new quests. But I will be bored to tears having to wait for a long scout every time I get that quest.

I totally understand that the complete a research feels like its not an alternative at all to some players. This however does not mean its not true, the alternative is there and it's working, its just not useful for all players. I can tell you that that feedback has already been forwarded.
As to my own experience, yes i had scout quests, 2 in a row and you don't wanna know how long my scouts tak:ewink:, i used time boost on them. However i was lucky in the quests after that and barely got it again. My personal test experience doesn't change anything to the feedback though, we understand its a valid concern and I can only repeat that its already been forwarded.

Can we get confirmation from a mod/etc that this is supposed to work this way? It sounds like a bug. If not, this makes it far too restrictive.

I would suggest the person who is affected by this, makes a bug about it and we can investigate (and yes we check player log to see if he actually produced it). that way someone gets diamonds for the report. If we investigate first and then say yes then the first person to read will just make a bug report and that makes it unfair to the person who originally noticed it.
Until it is a confirmed bug, i would just consider it a rumour and ignore it (or try to reproduce it and make a bug about it if you see it is true after all).

I believe the quest used to say 'within your current advancement', and because it confused some people they changed the description to 'your previous or current Chapter'. I'm not English native, but I'm sure its a different kind of OR then in quests that say something like :'Solve 5 Spire encounters or Solve 5 Encounters'
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Scout 1 Province without alternative ???? I have to wait 6 days so that's what that does. if that's not changed then that's it for this event.:(:mad::(:mad:
Thanks a lot for this
Why You Don't Use Time-Reducing Instants May Help You Finish Your Mission Faster

Deleted User - 56274

Okay - I haven't formulated a defnite opinion yet for this event - still too early for me (and I have IRL stuff going on.)
Some notes on quests -
Solve 3 Spire Encounters or Solve 3 Encounters - my main issue here is that spire is overly difficult and has no rhyme or reason for it. You have no way of effectively negotiating so ultimately it is a waste of resources.
If this was a trifecta - Solve 3 Encounters OR Solve 1 Spire Encounter OR Solve 5 Tourney Encounters - this quest would not be an issue. The main item will be to see how often it occurs. Granted it may change if tourney is up.

Buy 10 KP - I utterly loathe this quest. I hate it. I know others don't mind it, but given that purchasing KP is an ever-escalating cost of goods or coin, I would much prefer this to be a gain KP quest as it gives the player options to buy KP or gain KP through other means such as carting libraries.

Produce Toolboxes 3 times with a Workshop from your previous or current Chapter
This one, I potentially can have 3 workshops set up for this since I like to run with 8-10; I would have to double check on the scale as I don't typically have these fully advanced.

Scout 1 Province or Research 1 Technology - While this is not an issue for me, I know for upper chapter players it is. This is just one of those quests that is... icky.

Solve 25 Tournament Encounters or Solve 5 Encounters - I'd prefer to see this scaled down. Depending on your chapter level 25 tourney encounters is a lot. That is 7 provinces. At chapter 6 and starting 7 I easily run 6 provinces, but doing 7/8 really can denude goods given that autofight does not work very well on mobile (and is more time consuming) so I do a lot of catering.

Scout 1 Province - this one needs an OR

Then we have the VV, Spell Fragment and Combining Catalyst quests - these will really depend on how often they appear.

Gain 6 Relics - Personally this should be 5 relics so the craft option can fulfill it.

As I said with the last event, I truly believe there should be some option of skipping any given quest so that you can continue. I wouldn't mind if it had an escalating cooldown so it could not be over-used but for some quests, they are very difficult for players of various levels to meet the requirements without adversely impacting city growth.

This is my main issue with such quests as encounters/scouting/tech/VV/Spell Fragments/CC/Buy KP as they require resources and can cost a great deal of resources.
In some respects the encounter/scouting quests are worse than the crafting quests as the crafting - eventually you can regain relics spent.

All that being said - I love the bears, I would love to have all 3 fully evolved (highly unlikely to occur).
I am also glad to see some of the feedback making an impact to the devs regarding events.


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Scout 1 Province or Research 1 Technology - While this is not an issue for me, I know for upper chapter players it is. This is just one of those quests that is... icky.
got 3 of them today (3/10 quests)... I've managed to do 2 of them via research (still have 34 hours of scooting started after mandatory scooting quest), but 3 of such quests out of 10 is a bit too high...


Ok, let's say one simple thing about workshops and manufactories. The second: it is very very difficult to grow without manufactories. Maybe once you reach a certain level or when you have taken some event buildings that provides necessaries goods you can go without them. And this is a possible choice that one could do, because simply they can be built/destroyed, they could become unnecessaries, like quite everything in this game.
And what about workshops? Oh man come on. They became unnecessaries (i stress again, not useless, simply unnecessaries) since the introduction of the supplies-producing wonders. I made the choice of having no one in my beta city, using only endless excavation and the supply instants crafted from the academy, or obtained from the spire or events, and now I am forced to up them just to be allowed to continue this event?
As I already said in another situation, quite everything in this game has become unnecessary, while everything could be useful for a certain purpose, and this is a good thing. When you make such requests for mission, like having the manu/workshops at the same level of you previous chapter you are simply forcing the player to play a specific homologated way, IN OPEN CONTRAST with all the latest awsome changes that allow all the players to express better their individuality among some given choices. And this, for me, is boring, annoying, wasteful. Give me another word for the climax.
That is, you gave us dozens of alternatives to choose methods of growing and sustaining our cities, and now you are saying us that in order to continue (not finish, continue) this attractive event i must have workshops? yes, maybe i can build one or some of them, make the quest and then destroy them. This is not simple though. If I am at the last level it would be terrible and a waste of resources even if temporary. Where is the fun in this?
So what is the next level? train a fair amount of units from the barracks at same level of your chapter or previous? ...holy Moses, I just gave my bad tip! I don't have barracks! :eek::eek:

Change, when can be controlled, is not a positive or negative fact itself, but should follow the idea of possibility. This choice of forcing to have specific level for manu and labs is nonsense and should be eliminated imo.


With the nerf of the reward (-50%) + an average of 80 key/day with scout (and a lot of less for unlucky people that chains scouting) => 624 (begining quest) + 80 * 22 + 30 * 24 (collect) => 3104 keys => 155 stars => 4 artefacts !
Less rewards, less time reductions thus less rewards, it is a 75% nerf from the previous event. As in the past, the balacing problem of inno, from 100/50% too easy, to 50% too difficult !
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Since I never get past the first few quests in an event anymore, I think I've learned finally not to get upset about it. I'm not changing my play-style for these events and since I can't upgrade these buildings I guess it doesn't really matter. Strangest game I've ever played where one doesn't participate in an event.

A few positive things:
Artwork - amazing
Little brown bear is great, the only one I tested.
I like the idea of not being able to use level 1 anything for events. But I'm wondering if you could put on the factories tab, the levels for each chapter? I still have to look this up on the wiki routinely and imagine a new person wouldn't know to do that and it's a bit time consuming to do. If it could Highlight Current chapter and maybe in italics previous chapter?

Deleted User - 56274

got 3 of them today (3/10 quests)... I've managed to do 2 of them via research (still have 34 hours of scooting started after mandatory scooting quest), but 3 of such quests out of 10 is a bit too high...
Agreed! That's where they need a limit as in they can only occur once in 50 quests etc. Or have a viable alternative like craft 3 1day workshop items.

Addendum - looking at my quest list:
Gain Gold
Workshop - 3 5 min
Spend 2 KP
Gain 1 relic
Solve 2 Encounters - 12 keys
Workshop 5 - 15 min - 13 keys
Collect 1 enchant - 13 keys
Gain a small amount of supplies - 14 keys
Workshop 1 hour - 14 keys
workshop 9 hour x2 - 15 keys
gain 3 vision vapor - 16 keys
gain 5 relics - 17 keys
gain 2 enchants - 18 keys
spend 10 kp - 19
buy 10 kp
Solve 3 Spire or 3 encounters
Produce Bread x5 - 41
Scout 1 Province 42
Gain 7 Relics 43
Solve 3 Spire or 3 encounters 44
Produce Advanced Tools x4 45

I am still dismayed by the quest valuation given that it is based on the number of quests completed rather than the relative cost of the quest.
I also am encountering far too many scout province and gain relic quests. I am also dismayed that gain relics went from 2 to 5 to 7... this is far, far too many even when I can use tourney to complete them it becomes extremely costly.

So far, not particularly happy with their adjustments.
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