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User Interface Account statement for premium currency (Diamonds)

Reina del mar

Well-Known Member
Of course, +1.
As said here, it's no brain surgery as it exists in other INNO games. Many are playing other INNO games where the statement is accessible at any point in time, so there is practical no excuse for not having it in this INNO game...same hat, different color.
Might be (almost sure it is the case) that different teams are working on different projects/games but this should be the base for absolutely all games they publish: transparency, accountability with regards to game currency, aka real money.


Well-Known Member
I support PrimroseSilvia's suggestion for an accurate listing for the diamonds.

In Germany I get a receipt for every transaction (bakery, gas station, groceries, pizzeria, etc.) for every small amount.

Why should it be any different for Inno Games with the diamonds, which have to be bought with money to replace the real money here?