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READ ME Guidelines Ideas & Suggestions (Read This First!)

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Dear Elves and Humans,

First of all: Thank you for giving us your ideas to improve Elvenar. As we know you are a dedicated community, it is important for us to be able to organise your ideas, check if your ideas are supported by a large number of our players, to work them out together with you and to keep you updated on them. Therefore when sending in your ideas, please read the following guidelines very carefully.


To be able to categorize your ideas in an efficient way, please apply the corresponding prefix to your idea when posting it:

[Battle] - e.g. barracks; battle screen; armory
[Cauldron] - e.g. new effects *New*
[City] - e.g. city-view; construction; building characteristics; culture; new buildings
[Communication] - e.g. in-game communication; message system
[FA] anything concerning Fellowship Adventures *New*
[Fellowships] - e.g. fellowship communication, fellowship features
[New Game Features] - completely new and/or game-changing ideas
[Quests] - e.g. quest characteristics; new questlines
[Research] - e.g. research tree; new research ideas
[Seasons] - e.g. new quests, new rewards *New*
[Spire] - e.g. new rewards *New*
[Tournament] - anything to do with these, e.g new rewards *New*
[Trader] - e.g. filtering trades
[User Interface] - e.g. notifications; buttons; in-game links; ranking; player profile; animations
[World Map] - e.g. scouting; finding players; neighbourly help
[Other] - anything that doesn't fit in the other categories, including forum-related ideas



* Make sure your idea hasn't been posted before yet. You can use the search-function on our forum to check this.
* Please post only 1 idea per thread.
* In your first post, please include:
- A good description of the suggestion (extensive, well described, what other game features would it influence and how, who would benefit from it etc)
- A motivation for the suggestion (so what would be the added value?)
- Any downsides (if there are any)
* If an idea cannot realistically be implemented, the Community Manager or one of the Moderators will archive the idea with an explanation about why it will not be processed further.


* After the idea has been posted, it's time to discuss it with each other. The topic starter is (of course) welcome to actively participate in that discussion.
* The discussion has to be constructive. Burning down an idea without any proper explanation is not permitted.
* Stay on topic.
* When the discussion comes to an end, one of our Moderators will ask the topic starter if they wish to stay with their original idea or if they would like to change something. If the topic starter doesn't reply anymore for more than 72 hours, the idea will not be processed.


* After this, the Moderator will open a poll in this thread. He/She will also make sure that in the opening post, there is a short description of the Idea (as well as in the Thread Title) and all detailed information is included in the rest of the in-depth description in that opening post.
* The poll will run for 14 days.
* During the poll, the discussion can still continue if anyone feels they have something valuable to add. However: No alterations can be made anymore to the idea as it's stated in the opening post, so please refrain from coming up with new ideas at this stage.
* At least a minimum of 20 individual players will have to vote (in favor/not in favor) for an idea to get approved.
* At least 80% of these players will have to vote in favor of the idea in its current state (to avoid forwarding ideas that aren't supported by a good majority of the community).


* If the idea meets the abovementioned criteria, the thread will be moved to the "Approved Ideas & Suggestions" subforum.
* If the idea doesn't meet the criteria, it will be rejected and the thread will be moved to "Archive: Ideas and Suggestions".
* All other ideas will be moved to "Archive: Ideas and Suggestions" as well (duplicates, unrealistic ideas etc).
* Please keep in mind that even approved ideas, can be rejected by our Development Team. In these cases, we will move the thread to "Archive: Ideas and Suggestions" and let you know about it.


* Before posting your idea, please think about the following questions: Is it realistic? Does it bring added value? Does the Game Team have to change too much to the existing game?
* Keep checking your idea and the discussion around it, so you will be able to "convince" others about your idea.
* Be flexible about your idea and open to criticism. Not every idea will be 100% perfect at the moment it is posted, but by discussing it together, we can come to a workable and realistic end result which can be forwarded.
* Use a catchy title. The better your title, the more players will look at it and vote.

Thank you all for following these guidelines and helping us improve Elvenar together!
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Hi guys!

Just a small extra reminder about the following point:


* Before posting your idea, please think about the following questions: Is it realistic? Does it bring added value? Does the Game Team have to change too much to the existing game?

Since we've been cleaning up this forum section last week, it seems like some of you feel like it has to be filled again as quickly as possible, but that's not how it works. Please take some time to think your ideas through and consider the points mentioned in this thread. We have a very clear vision for the future of our game, so if you have some suggestions to improve the game a bit with things that are relatively easy to implement, please feel free to suggest them, but any ideas that would totally change the way the game is currently working, will not fit into our schedule and will be archived right away, which is a waste of the time it took to create the thread.

Also, if you just want to discuss with other players about some philosophies without having an actual worked out idea you seriously wish to propose, please use our General Discussions forum section for that. That is not what the Ideas & Suggestions section is meant for.

Thank you :)
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