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User Interface Account statement for premium currency (Diamonds)


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I'm astonished.
Only 46 votes for it, I would have expected much more on this topic.
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+1 Billion
well other games by INNO has a premium feature that allows players to see a history of their expenditures and there gains and their purchases.

WHY not here???... Inno has tried WAY way to hard to make the functioning systems of this game totally different from all their other games. Mail and chat is screwed up... But their other games mail and chat work great... This game is flawed to it's basic core programming.
INNO has certainly shot itself totally in the foot over this, they could not have done any worse even if they tried...

Even the fix is moronic,,, NO disrespect DEADEYE but this is totally on INNO...


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I hope the result will be forwarded soon to be implemented

According to the rules/guidelines for ideas


* After this, the Moderator will open a poll in this thread. He/She will also make sure that in the opening post, there is a short description of the Idea (as well as in the Thread Title) and all detailed information is included in the rest of the in-depth description in that opening post.
* The poll will run for 14 days.

Amy Steele

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Elvenar Team
* The poll will run for 14 days.

March 7+14= March 21.. it is now March 25...

Apologies folks, I could have sworn I had set both polls to close after 14 days, but it seems not! In trying to set a close date I inadvertently set it for 2 weeks from today, not 2 weeks from the start of the poll (which would have closed it immediately).

Edit: managed to change it to close tomorrow

Dorfl the Clay

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Is there any update on this idea? Work in progress, maybe?
Alas, the fact that this is an approved idea, does NOT automatically mean it will be implemented! It is now up to the dev's to consider if it is possible AND worth the time and effort to write the necessary code and up to INNO management if it is in their interest to add this to the game... I would suggest you don't hold your breath while waiting for it! ;):rolleyes:


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Yes, @Dorfl the Clay is right (sadly). I've copied it from DE forum to send out a signal to Inno's HQ, considering that Beta was the affected world.
But we don't (and will never do) if and when - and overall, how - it will be implemented.