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Confirmed [43481] Diamond amount reduced without explaination


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Well, I'm appalled that diamonds can just disappear like that.

Since they replace real money in this game and also have to be bought with real money, that's no less than stealing, dear moderators.

This is not a trifle that can simply be talked down, but a real security problem...

...who is allowed to tinker with Elvenar's software code at Inno-Games?

...obviously there are too many people, some of whom have no idea what their changes affect.

...that's not what the beta server was intended for, that we gamers work for Inno-Games here, to point out the company's many mistakes.
...and be rewarded for it by not even getting such small promotional campaigns as cheap diamonds or discounted premium extensions here.

Do your work and improve your work quality.
We players have a right to that!
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Reina del mar

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My two cents on the topic.
Other Inno games have a log of the game currency so that you can see at any point in time how much you bought and spent, at which precise time, etc. I believe devs should provide something similar especially due to these bugs & the game currency on beta server costs as much on live servers.
Also on other Inno games on beta servers game currency is really cheap. Why? because it's beta, players are pretty much experiencing all kinds of features (and reporting also bugs) before deploying new features to live servers.