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Discussion Woodelvenstock Summer Event


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I have already checked this and if you look it says supplies for first five chapters and then changes for next three chapters to tier 3 goods and then becomes Mana after that


If you place 2 mosh pits next to a Main stage, do you get 2 link bonuses activated or just one ?
Do they have to be all exlusive buildings or can you place two alike?

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At the right of All Grand Prizes, there is an arrow with "More Grand Prizes!" More Grand Prizes are available after the intial ones are completed.
Someone has any info about that ?

Edit : OK, i found, there is 17 lots after, each cost 250 .... and it is a Wishing Well !
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I like the new feature with the scrambling chests, but without a second questline it is boring.
No challenge - only collect and look is the reward good enough to invest the tickets.

Nice idea - ...


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Now we're having quests like: gain some resources - a little bit of money - a couple of relics. If the questline will become a bit harder it'll probably continue with quests like: scout a province - gain 20 relics - scout 2 provinces - gain 30 relics. Can't wait, it would be so much fun.


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You can try the challenge I accidentally started a few days ago: try to complete each daily without checking what it is. ;)
Ooh. How is that going? And do you check what it is after accidentally completing it, or try to keep yourself in ignorance of exactly what you did?