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Discussion We need your help: Name the ingredients!


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[...] For an upcoming feature, we're using various ingredients you will be able to use. While their designs are already done, we want to make sure they have funny, interesting or fitting names, and that's where you come in! [...]
Estimated date for this new upcoming feature to be implemented?


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1 Evil Fart
2 Orc Flea
3 Jabba Snail
4 Goblin Blossom
5 Magic Bean
6 Fruit Larva
7 Mana Jellyfish
8 Mocking Flowers
9 Rabbit Eyes
10 Sheets of Life
11 Cotton Plant
12 Elvenarian Chanterelle

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01. CauldronIncredient_01
02. CauldronIncredient_02
03. CauldronIncredient_03
04. CauldronIncredient_04
05. CauldronIncredient_05
06. CauldronIncredient_06
07. CauldronIncredient_07
08. CauldronIncredient_08
09. CauldronIncredient_09
10. CauldronIncredient_10
11. CauldronIncredient_11
12. CauldronIncredient_12



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Of course they are candy, from the Cunning Candy shop! Here we go:
  1. Looping Licourice
  2. Bulky Beetle
  3. Choco Snail
  4. Dragon Delight
  5. Bloomy Bean
  6. Gummy Glowworm
  7. Jumpy Jelly
  8. Toffee Tongues
  9. Nerdy Nuts
  10. Lovely Leaf
  11. Cruncy Cotton
  12. Sugar Shell
And now hurry.. I should be working! :p
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