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Discussion We need your help: Name the ingredients!

Lady Croft

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Mix & match some of these to any of them; colours and shapes may fit some better than others. :)
Heart's Tassel
Phantom Snowdrop
Wild Aconite
Sneeze Bite
Death's Garlic
Crimson Root
Frozen Buttons
Skull Weed
Creepy Shadbush
Urban Lotus
Hovering Itchweed
Vision Thyme
Bright Sorrel
Tundra Hemp
Jester Bamboo
Ghost Dogbane
Nightmare Feverfew
Orange Itchweed
Fragrant Aconite
Demon Brittlebush
Toxic Poke
Coughing Swinies
Elven Fairymoss
Cave Hemp
Cold Sorrel
White Aglons
Blue Vetta
Purple Hasyon
Black Aepusmie
Pink Hathrane


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1. Fluidambar (liquid amber) – precious sap used in Forest Fairy tea
5. Rare Adsurgo Phoenix egg – Protected by the Elementals for their special transcendental properties
6. Vallorian Vermis - a delicacy among Orcs
7. Golgin Jelly – Essential ingredient in Dark Magic
8. Sour Sapori – Flower that produces the essential nectar in Dwarven brew
11. Bombacini fiber – Careful! It explodes. Hafling specialty crop.
12. Knux Nut shell – Dean Drucu recommends crushing into a fine powder and inhale for enhanced perception
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theese are plants growing on graves of long forgotten wizards. they are used for making all kinds of potions.
1 - black candle
2 -buggy branch
3- dungcone
4 - flame pea
5 - thornegg
6 - lucky worm (especially rare)
7 - evilbrain fruit
8 - lick-me-not
9 - blind berries
10 - bitterhair leaf
11 - white dream
12 - stomach shroom