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Vacation mode - no decay while you are away

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Implement a (premium?) setting to put your city in vacation mode, pausing everything including decay of resources.

I will soon be faced with a problem that I am sure others have also encountered. I will be taking a vacation for more than 2 weeks to a location where there is no internet capability to play the game. Since I am in Chapter 15 I face losing a very large amount of mana, divine seeds, and sentient goods while I am offline.

Even though I have the wonders which reduce the decay I will still be hit hard. Consider the following: with wonder at that reduces decay to 6.4%. If I am gone for 14 days I will lose just over 60% of the item. That is a lot to have to recover.

One of the great things about your Forge of Empires game is that you can take a break from playing and come back to right where you left off. You will miss an event and other bonuses but you don't find your city decimated.

What makes it worse for me this year is that I actually have two such trips coming up. I may just take a long break from the game rather than work to rebuild and then lose it all again.

I would consider paying diamonds to put my city into "Vacation Mode" for a period of time to prevent these losses. Otherwise I have a LOT of work to do to get back to where I was. A longer period of "Vacation Mode" would cost more,

But a free "Vacation Mode" might keep some players from quitting the game. Players do need breaks, even from games but in the later chapters the decay concept makes it hard to stop and then be excited about coming back.

Possible downsides
Doesn't stimulate regular login.
I think it's a wonderful idea.