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Duplicate Squad lineup & Map overview


Hi folks of Elvenar :)

During battles I noticed my troops could have had a better position from the start.
Waving the white flag over and over again I figured out these positions your squad will receive.

square 1: middle position
square 2: front line upper position
square 3: front line lower position
square 4: top outside postion
square 5: bottom outside position

It would be great to have a map overview showing your squad positions.
Also a map overview would be a great way to figure out the right tactics before entering the battlefield.

Best regards,


The thing i dislike the most is how the obstacles are placed, so when i use hellhounds to quickly take out the steinlings, they can't reach them. So a map overview before you enter the battle would be awesome.

+1 from me.


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Since the order in queue before battle determines the position in battle, wouldn't it be a nice idea to be able to assign that place before you start battle when not taking 5 troops into battle (I sometimes like to do this with my archer so it's easier to keep my distant from the enemy)?

Let me make myself clear..
When taking for example just 3 troops with you the troops automatically get assigned place 1, 2 and 3 in queue:

So this (I assume) means that they get positions middle, front line upper, and front line lower..

But then you enter the battle and see that the obstacles are placed in such way that you might have preferred your troops top outside and bottom outside positions.. But this doesn't seem possible when you take 3 troops into battle..


+1 for Acamax that is also a great suggestion!
Starting positions are so important depending on the map.
I need to try your tactic Acamax with archers, guess sometimes it´s better to have only 3 troops to have more space to circle around your enemies :)


+1 to both ideas.

Also it would be nice if you could chose how many troops to put into each squad. Not something you would use a lot but it could make for more strategic game play. You could for example Have one or two squads with only one troops in them just to draw the enemy out or to block the enemy's path to your main troops.


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The idea to be able to easily determine where a squad will be placed, has been forwarded together with the mock-up presented in this thread (click).

Most of us have battled a lot more since February. Therefore, I'd like to ask you all: do you (still) think a map overview is necessary, or is the need for it gone now you've done more battles? :)


A map overview would be a huge plus. It is so frustrating to go into a battle just to find out that your setup will not work well then surrendering so you can readjust it.


I am half agree with you .
It would be better , certainly, but above all more ( even too ) easy !


I think a map overview is handy. No one should go into battle not knowing the terrain.