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NEW website Elvenstats.com!


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I found this IP address in a comment in En forum

(copy/ paste the address)

it doesn't work properly. I am using Chrome.
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(Browser Chrome with windows Seven)

I think I have a difference in the error message

Errore DNS con differenza.jpg


This error (in my experience) is very bad, since the notice intends to say that, the site does not exist.
But... I am not a computer programmer so, I put all my trust in miracles.

If by accessing from here:
Unfortunately, it can't update the statistics and obviously elvenarchitects doesn't work

elven architects.jpg
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For proper work you need to make dns override www.elvenstats.com
Either in hosts file or in your router dns cache.

Thanks Karvest... But...
I am very afraid of doing serious damage on my hard drive because I am definitely silly,
... I would need four fixed cameras on the keyboard, so that when the computer doctor says, "But how did you format the hard drive?"
I can explain it by showing to him a slow-motion recording of my fingers pushing keys on the keyboard

and then I choose:
"Or wait for site owner to resolve dns issue."
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Back up

Oops, spoke too soon. Main page up but cannot access others, any data. As of 2am EDT.
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