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NEW website Elvenstats.com!


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Any third party tool can't show points from the perk as it is not available outside of the FS.
Elvenstats still has no support for 10+ chests, which is much bigger issue.
Btw, there is a way to know how many chests was taken exactly (including perk influence) via comparing FS badges before and after the tourney, but only for 10+chests fellowships. But doubt they will implement this logic.


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is the crawler down ? I haven't been able to get updates to my cities for use in elvenarchitect for two days now (both FR live worlds and beta)

Enevhar Aldarion

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its working again now

The website never stopped loading. What does not work is trying to update any city or trying to transfer an updated city to architect.

I have not seen a single city that was updated more recently than 4 or 5 days ago, on any server. That means it can't be the fault of something in an update to the game, because the servers do not all get the same update at the same time, and Beta has the same problem with this as the Live servers. I don't know a lot about how various ISP stuff works, but this feels like something was changed by the site owner's ISP and it is somehow blocking the site's access to the game data.


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try clearing cache/cookies/etc. I can load your beta city from elvenstats. (but can't load link for it created on architect itself, @Konniver should check it.)
Yes, that is what I am getting as well. We cannot save progress it must be applied immediately or not at all.


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Hi all,

I'm aware that there are some issues in transferring plans between the ES and EA websites. There was a recent change in the way IG organise their game files but my testing showed that everything was working fine, for me at least, possibly a red herring. Whenever I try to test with people who have reported issues, I get no problems in loading ... so tracking down the issue may take a little longer.