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NEW website Elvenstats.com!


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At this point, the update city feature may have to wait until the site does its 'information capture'. For the present, we can view potential recruits. Give it about 40 hours, and all the features should work again. We will collect information on any realms where the information needs to be manually checked, and update Blake at that point.


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It worked for me just now, Brummi. I was coming in to report that all features should be working. Does ES typically have an issue with updating for you?


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Hi Lelanya.
The functionality it self is now given, only the export/transfer to ElvenArchitect isn't working for me.
I have tried different browser, always the same


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elvenstat no more working to import new city , we can see how valuable is this site with capability to import city in elvenarchitect
(time of the year when it's most used to prepare adventure)