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Discussion New Spire of Eternity rewards!


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Oh well, another BAD change! :confused: Why PHOENIX ARTEFACTS??? I have no need for more phoenix artefacts and I am sure I am not the only player like this, so why not "a universal artefact" or a variety af artefacts so we can from time to time get something useful?

MinMax Gamer

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Doubt such bad luck is possible.
That's quite plausible IMO. While I am getting mana plants and gum trees relatively often (still only half way upgrading all of them), but Endless Scrolls, gates and base libraries tend to be extremely infrequent to me. And this is not a figure of speech. I can easily believe not getting at least one of them for several months. And yes, I do full Spire every week.


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I switched to current chapter in spring, now have 7-8 of each rare library set building from current chapter (+20/30 small ones).


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In my other city I have the Library lv 4 and am now level 9. I play spire every week and have not received another Library. I did get a Genie this week so I am still loving spire


Neutral. A lot of people does not need artefact phoenix (again it seems that Inno hates old player !).
It does not resolve the main problem with this casino game : random, on Khelo, i played > 1 year, i do level 2-3 each week => only 1 magic worshop.
It should be better to have an spire currency, we win this currency and then we can buy what we need : dward armor, magic, artefact, ...


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it's pure random, the same as some players always get some CC, I usually get none (I consider it a victory if I get 3 CC). In my main city, once I got a full Library set in one go in Spire (all three floors) and after that nada, for weeks :D Same goes for DA .. Once I got 2 in one Spire but most weeks I don't get any. Too much randomness if you ask me :D

It should be better to have an spire currency, we win this currency and then we can buy what we need : dward armor, magic, artefact, ...
I totally love the idea!


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Doubt such bad luck is possible.
I got the last missing Library set piece only last week.
I’m on beta since Inno introduced the new tournament system. Doing 2 levels every week (since 3rd chapter naturally) and currently entering Fairies. Bad luck is apparently possible.

Feedback for the Spire rewards: my “no-bird” city is obviously thrilled about a chance to get Phoenix artifacts! This temporary event is a nice touch, in my opinion.


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nope nope nope - this would mean to be limited to 1 set only. I like the Library and whenever i can (reading a break between chapters) I put up 2-3 of them. I am thrilled that in live server(s) I teleported the libraries instead selling them to make place for ships. I think somewhere in my subconscious I had a bad feeling of selling them. :D :D
Well congratulations to you, but those of us who have ZERO full sets would prefer crafting one over continuing to have ZERO sets, thanks.


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well, anyway a chance to get artifacts is way better than to get full set building, as every piece of set is replaced with it. And some of them are even with increased chances (taken from chance to get diamonds).


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While the Library is beneficial for everybody, Phoenix artifact is not. If it was an Universal Artifact, then hell yeah! I would applaud this change until my palms hurt, but so, well, nope.
I'm sure there is a demand for this artifact, but it's not for every player...so this leaves those who don't want the Phoenix artifacts not as motivated to participate in the weekly Spire.
Also, replacing PPs with supplies instants for those in chapters 3-5? The annoying thing is that this is worded as if it's meant to somehow be a benefit, but chapters 3 to 5 is exactly the time people want PPs, so you can collect some up before hitting the guest races.

Not everyone wants a Phoenix whereas anyone can benefit from the Moonstone Library set. Also, Portal Profits are priceless to some. I hate to see them removed and simply replaced with Supply Windfalls.

Enevhar Aldarion

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One thing this is telling me is, since this is happening shortly before the Phoenix event, I don't think these artifacts, or a conversion recipe, will be part of the next Phoenix event.


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I have no problem with substituting moonstone library with something else. Seven fully operating and lots of pieces in store in my live city.
The phoenix artefacts are welcome in two of my cities, no problems there either. But I also fear it means there won't be a swap possible between new and old artefacts if there is a phoenixevent in spring.
But I am very curious what will happen after those six weeks...


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While the Library is beneficial for everybody,

Not everyone wants a Phoenix whereas anyone can benefit from the Moonstone Library set. Also, Portal Profits are priceless to some. I hate to see them removed and simply replaced with Supply Windfalls.

The library ain't beneficial for everybody, it completely destroyed the game for scroll players.
I am not happy with this half baked solution. as a "new set" or making new ones unaviable will NOT solve the problem any time soon.

At this rate it might take years for scroll players to be able to play the game again, as those sents do not magically disappear, so it takes a lot of time to "normalise" again.
I rather would have seen a proper action been taken and this means a fix to the current set, that way it still takes time to get rid of the massive overabundance of scrolls in players inventories but after that the game would be solved.

Now the game needs to get rid of both all the former library sets AND the overabundance of scrolls.
With this half baked solution for a long, long, long time to come, 33# of the new players will still be auto-screwed and be shooed away from the game.
Not a healthy solution.

Even if it lorewise does not work out they could just change the appearance, name and description of the current sets and fix it to bonus+1
same set, full solution

Burger Meister Meister

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I think that this is an excellent idea. I love my Fire Phoenix in the Live and wish I had one in Beta World.
I joined Beta late and was not able to obtain the Phoenix artifacts.
I crafted a fire Phoenix in my MM hoping that one day I would be able to convert some of my useless artifacts in the future.

I think that this is a great idea to allow all players an opportunity to catchup on some of the older buildings


Been really missing the fire phoenix boost that is such a bonus in my live cities...have a stage 1 sitting here in my small city, waiting & hoping for the opportunity to evolve - thought we might have a crafting option at some time, but I'm very happy with this "Christmas present" alternative :) If the opportunity to gain artifacts for other evolving bldgs is also offered in a similar manner in the future, it is a much more pleasant option than the sacrificial 2-for-1 bear & phoenix artifact crafting offered previously


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@CrazyWizard - are you reading only every second or third post? I also said THIS:

Was better to fix the Moonstone library, to give, for example, instead of forever and for everyone scrolls, your boosted T2, or T2+1, or T2-1. The market would regulate quickly and scrolls producers wouldn't be screwed up. The library is good, I rely on it to get CCs, since I'm followed by bad luck and rarely get some CC in Spire and also can't produce CCs around the clock, I have to produce also MMs.