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Discussion New Spire of Eternity rewards!


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Updated with current spire changes.
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Oooh, sounds nice to me! The fire phoenix is one of my favorite pets, so having a chance to evolve it further would be awesome--particularly knowing normal rewards will be back after 6 weeks. The 6 week time frame seems reasonable to me--even if someone is too low on goods/supplies/troops for, say, two of those weeks, they still have a decent amount of time to try for artifacts in.


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I am curious but is it possible to also win artifacts for the witch hut. or the Moonbear


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Tbh expected universal artifact for player to choose what to evolve...
They said they are not so sceptic anymore. Seems they are xD
If u have all 3 phoenixes at lvl 10 congratulations for 2 months of useless rewards as you can't craft 2nd.
@Karvest what means frog_grr_10, 15, 25 and 50? Frog units instant or what?


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This change sounds great but is not, at least not for everybody. The bird I wanted to have, I have it and it's fully evolved. I can't get a second one, so, for me and all last chapters players it means nothing. I know that for newer players it's a god's bless (Thumb up! for that, they really needed this) but the same it should be for everybody. While the Library is beneficial for everybody, Phoenix artifact is not. If it was an Universal Artifact, then hell yeah! I would applaud this change until my palms hurt, but so, well, nope.
About getting coins and tools instants .. mmwell .. whatever.


I just sold my (fully evolved) Aureate Phoenix a few weeks ago, to use new evolving buildings instead. I don't have the room or need to Craft another Phoenix and maybe gain a few artifacts for it in the Spire.
I'm sure there is a demand for this artifact, but it's not for every player...so this leaves those who don't want the Phoenix artifacts not as motivated to participate in the weekly Spire.
Hope there is a change to this new reward system to include everyone. The idea is a good one, but it needs to have more options.


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I guess that they want 6 or more weeks because they want to rebalance library set to give more-fair ammounts of all goods instead of scrolls.
Consider that some players got 100k+ scrolls per 21h in high chapters while producing something else in manufactories.
I guess it's time thing to give them time to rebalance whole library set.

As i said i was thinking that there will be universal artifact for such occasions to not exclude anyone.


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6 weeks: might be a bit short for a fully evolved phenix, but look forward to getting a fire phenix.

portal profit: how about starting in chapter 5 instead?... yeah, it's still "useless", but not for that long, and it would be a much bigger incentive to try the spire earlier.


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On the face of it this clearly looks to be intended to make things worse for the established players whilst making things easier for newer players. I shouldn't be surprised anymore with the way in which this game is headed. Inno are not going to stop until there is no point having been playing this game for a long time.

It's not a bad thing for Library Sets to be taken out of the equation, but my understanding was that they were going to replace it with something new, that is useful for everyone. Instead it's Phoenix artefacts that the players who have been here a couple of years will get little to no use from. In my Live city I have an Aureate Phoenix that I have 4 more levels to add to, but that's the only thing to look forward to there.

Also, replacing PPs with supplies instants for those in chapters 3-5? The annoying thing is that this is worded as if it's meant to somehow be a benefit, but chapters 3 to 5 is exactly the time people want PPs, so you can collect some up before hitting the guest races. Not many people who are in about chapter 10 onwards want any more of those, but they will still get them. In my chapter 15 city I would love to get supplies instants instead of PPs, but no... of course not. I have a Polar Bear which I've held on level 9 purely so I don't get the PP.