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Discussion New Feature - Fellowship Progression


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The main problem I notice with the whole perk-idea is that the goal should be to promote teambuilding but that the effects are exactly the opposite.

This is why:
* it is not the team that has to decide where to go, that's up to either the AM on his/her own or to a select group of mages
* individual members do not see how the perks and levels work or what the numbers you can see mean
* individuel members have no clue which choices are made and why
* and which ones are made by the game and which ones are not
* the system is far to complicated
* the system is very counterintuitive because otherwise we would have figured it out be now
* as soon as the kp-perk hits the FS it will be chaos if that FS has the Net0 system
* the kp-perk depends on everybody doing the exact same thing otherwise there will allways be members with more or less 'gifts'
* the kp-perk thus promotes unfairness
* it seems as if the devs want FS to develop a swap-system and/or they don't know which ones existed for a long time
* free kp to a teammember is easier in a certain kind of swap-system and not in others which means that there is a 'right' way from the devs point of view but we seem not to be able to figure that out
* as soon as the free kp's are being given there will allways be members with more en members with less gifts which will cause friction

And I wonder what the goal is of this perk system. It should be developed much smoother with less hassle and more influence for individual members and a better way to make a decision as a group.


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* it is not the team that has to decide where to go, that's up to either the AM on his/her own or to a select group of mages

I'd say that is up to you. I will discuss the perks with the whole FS and decide together what we level up first etc.

* the system is far to complicated

I think it is pretty much straightforward. We know how to get the points for the perks, what the perks do and how the costs increase.

I hope they improve the "knowledge sharing" and replace the "advanced help" to something usefull but other than that I feel ready for it.


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Elvenar Team
@The Evenstar @Kersepitje @Amy Steele I have found a major conflict between the browser and app version of this. I am a Mage in my fellowship and in the browser version, the Reset button is in green and I can click it and get the "are you sure" message about resetting. But in the app version, the Reset button is greyed out and when I click it, I get a message saying only Archmages can reset the Perks. So which one is correct and which one needs to be fixed to match?

We will let you know as soon as we know, (earliest monday).
But I expect its just the app that needs a newer version and browser is the correct one. (App updates need to be approved by google/apple/amazon/... before they are updated in their stores and that takes a few days)

Hazel Caballus

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I don’t think the perk system is very complicated, it just hasn’t been explained well. There need to more info in game so that everyone knows how it works. Perk overview should include info about the maximal levels you can reach for each perk and the benefits you get on each level (similar to the overview when you open an ancient wonders and look at the AW levels). Calling the storage capacity a reward is misleading and makes people think you get those points for free. Importantly, all of this info needs to be available before you spend the fellowship points to unlock the perk. And of course, you should always be able to see how many points you currently store in the tournament/spire perks. In addition, when a tournament/spire ends and you get to see the rewards, there could be an additional symbol showing you how many points have been stored.


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Agree, this is a FELLOWSHIP benefit, not a mage/archmage benefit, so even though it is limited who decides and controls what happens, the entire membership should have viewing ability.
I think this is the main problem that annoys a lot of us.


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I´m not Arch Mage nor Mage in my FS, and I can see what´s saved up (32 points in spire) by clicking on the green "+".
So the sole problem is, that you can´t see your "savings" outside of spire/tournament.
INNO said, that perk system is being rolled out a bit at a time. So I don´t know, if it´s feature comming later in the process.
If it´s not, I surgest the make is so. It annoys a lot of ppl. :mad:


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the advanced help doesn't seem to work
do any other fellowships have an experience of this perk actually working?


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To be able to work with and test all Perks i would suggest to lower the experience points levels dramatically. For example in a month period time and reset everything afterwards. Also a little bit more free "resets" would be welcome in this period :)


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Something I am not clear on with the cool down period and I am wondering if this has been figured out yet.

So on live we have had players between two FS switch places for the purpose of exchanging good, and many of us in the two FSs have been in a FS together at some time, so it is also an opportunity to visit with old friends for a week, and then the players switch back.

So, how do the perks penalize this activity? The switch is always done after the tournament ends and before the spire starts but there has never been a cool down period. If you aren't in a FS at the start of the FA, you can't play it, but will the cool down period lock you out of the tournament and/or spire? If the cool down period is only for NH, that's not such a big deal, but I think it is a big deal if it locks you out of any spire or tournament if you are there for the start of it.

Yogi Dave

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Something I am not clear on with the cool down period and I am wondering if this has been figured out yet.
Explicit rules need to be expressed on how this works. I've thought about it and wondered how it will affect associated FS's. Typically there are 2 or 3 in a group with liberal motion between them. One for kicking it, one for training and medium effort, and one for parking due to vacation or other reasons preventing much play time.

As it was, the only thing to really worry about was not starting the tourney until you were in the correct FS. Didn't have to worry about being in that FS at the beginning of the tourney. The spire didn't matter at all. You just had to be in the correct FS before it closed, which does allow some wiggle room to increase score in one FS. You could swap people between FS's to get everyone who had reached the top in one FS. It might not even affect the other FS if no one is above the last FS crystal opened.