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Discussion Mischievous Therapy


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Dear Humans and Elves,

Please see the announcement for this year's Halloween event here and let us know what you think about it!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


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I expected that too after reading this:
"Borrowing bodies of others made the Witch Doctor an expert on physiology.
He can heal any type of body regardless of species or level of decay."

Maybe they'll change it, but they'll never give more than 5%. Is that better than a 3KP instant? I think a 5% cure is nothing.


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'Mischievous Therapy' questline event just started in Beta server.
We will be recording all the event information here:


You are welcome to share this file with friends who do not play on Beta; it does not need Facebook or any other special program to open it.
Note that the version that comes to the Live servers after the FA may not have a few changes compared to this one.

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For the Spectral Stone expiring building, 7 SSs per event would allow for a moderate spenditure (1-2 SSs per Spire), easing the exponetially increasing costs.
It is SO easy to keep us, caterers, happy... :D

EDIT: Not longer sure if "caterer" is a proper word, or if there is another more appropiate.

EDIT2: Royal Pass...
Ehhh... Nice troop-producing event buidings , I suppose :confused:
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I really like the added Tomes (Building + artefact) at "most logic end" of the Grand Prizes.


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@Marindor , @Konys
I know, maybe after this, everybody will hate me... a kind of bug, but not a bug.
Mission 15
this is the screeshot of the mission, maybe something is wrong with the unusual amount of goods production

Immagine 2022-09-30 114849.png

Rumors said it should be 6 of bread, strange as lab production is already in asking.
In case, I suggest to correct it for real ;)


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I seem to be stuck on this task. I have harvested around 10 advanced tools and only three counted.
I have logged out and in twice (Chrome) and even tried another browser (Edge).


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Nezzie, probably technically best to contact support.
However if you wanted to try doing something to move on quicker, you could try collecting 1 relic and see whether that perhaps completes the quest, as it is one of those that seems to have suddenly changed.