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Discussion May Celebrations


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I like new milestone feature. I will finally be able to simply find, which quest am I currently at (and also am pretty sure many players will appreciate more clarified rewards, compared with last event and 3 literally hidden artifacts).


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I love that milestone feature as well. One more question, will the event currency be available in Magic academy chests?


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Are we suppose to get the may tree in the first tasks? I didn't get it if is...

Ok, saw it, I just had to claim it :)


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What is the quest mechanic this time? I suppose they are not endless (based on milestone banner) but they seem to have the similar properties to those random quests few events ago..


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Wish you heard the anger from non-english players about "scratch card" system returning :D
They are asking "IG where you heard this system was good, have mercy" lol

Does it have endless system like winter one?

BTW i just realised, it's like FOE spring event!
It had artifacts (upgrade kits) from both main questline checkpoints, and separate ones from main rewards for currency
Like FOE had main building for 6 quests, then 800 currency for 22 quests, then upgrade kit for more quests etc....
And in 2nd window you could spend your currency for main rewards including upgrade kits (our artifacts)

Difference is FOE had 3 "chests" to choose each time, cheap, middle and expensive.
We have scratch card...
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Event currecny from city outskirts has now great value, it is possible to get up to half grand prize per day just by gathering it, and with outpost its up to 1 grand prize per day if it will be present in this event

Lovec Krys

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Yes! We all loved the Shuffle with tons of garbage in winter! It's back. Thank you!
Also I think that the main's prize production equal to the 2x3h of one T5 manu lv 27 per 24hrs is a bit too much. Don't spoil us so much! Lower it, otherwise our T5 workers will get fired!
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Graphics are beatifull (too much pink)
The casino game returns :confused: , Inno stops endless quest was good (problem to balance) but reintroduces the most hated system, really ? I think i am sleeping and it is a nightmarre.


Thanks for the event. Why was the shuffle system brought back?


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Well...Feedback. Ok :)
Graphics are BEAUTIFUL. Hate, Hate HATE the shuffle casino system. That being said, 10 seeds for one spin is much better than it was in winter... but still HATE the casino shuffle system. No way to try for what I want/need. I like the daily log in vs daily quests. I don't like the randomness of what I win on the casino shuffle system.
I tried to go with both positive and negative feedback here, but for me, the shuffle system is just awful. I will give it a little more time here on beta to see if it is actually improved from the winter fail, but not sure I will be participating on live, where I actually do spend $$.

Again, BIG Kudos to the graphics dept, beautiful imagery. :)


The main prize appears okay, (S&D chapter) at stage 10 it gives me 8400 mana every 24hrs, while a burning pool gives 7200 mana every 24hrs. Admittedly its 4x4 rather then the 4x3 of the pool but also has a little more culture (1200 compared to 800) and gives 600 pop, 432k coins, 40k supplies and 3kp a day. And it looks nice from what i can see, so will use here on beta, not sure how it will compare on live.


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Looks like the lottery prize system is back. Apparently 40+ pages of complaints when they first introduced this concept wasn't enough to prevent them from bringing it back in an identical form. Easily one of the most hated features ever added to Elvenar. I think only the Great Building Nerf was less popular.

How many times do we have to say how awful this system is? This is one zombie that needs to stay dead and buried. This time can we also salt the earth for good measure? Just horrible.


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Interesting is that i don't see more currency in Academy chests.
This is their own doing, they will always make something to ruin the event.
They will cut pop/cult by half or will make "scratch card" lottery system back.
We tried to help for half year but they don't want events to be worthy, i think we should cease giving feedback which is not accepted.

If theres 40 pages of "no lottery system tx bye" and they bring back lottery then it's a slap in the face and lack of community management abilities.


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The fully evolved event building gives me 8576 Moonstone in 24 hours. The very first research for a Senate upgrade (to level 2) costs me 250,000 Moonstone. I see a slight imbalance here. For a building that needs a road and takes up nearly an entire expansion it should pay a LOT more than a scant 8576 in 24 hours. I can't think of anything right now that I would give up to put this building into my city for this amount of goods to be collected once a day. Once every 3 hours, maybe, but definitely not once in 24 hours. And I have to join the hate group for the Shuffle game because I'm a very unlucky person. I opened the 2x box and the next one opened was the Shuffle box, so like usual I got nothing. Hate it hate it hate it.


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150 currency is more than one GP with current mechanics, it's too huge to be enabled in MA.


If they found time to balance this, they would find time to balance the academy chests.
But main reward is so weak that no one would waste chests on that currency anyway.

Keeping them for diamonds or worthy events if they ever come back (Autumn last one) ;)