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Discussion May Celebrations


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I guess we were wrong to complain about finding 1 single kp in a box during the last Shuffle episode. The lowly kp now looks good in comparison to a single crystal relic. If we complain about the relic is the next great prize going to be a Stream Error? Perhaps we're giving the wrong feedback. We LOVE the crystal relic! Everyone is going to want to pay to open more boxes to get the crystal relic! [/s]

Lovec Krys

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Yay! Please more relics. There's never enough of them.


I am ready to claim the May tree, but clicking the claim button does nothing. How do I get the Maytree?


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You need to play the game on the bottom left, where you get flowers for the May Tree. When you get 20 flowers then you can collect.


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I'm not getting how to claim the tree. I've done both games and have gotten 2 grand prizes, but no tree. It's not in my inventory either.

If you hover over the icon of the building in the quest screen, you can press "claim" after which it should show op in your inventory. Hope this helps!


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Didn't we complain about the relics in beta the last time (winter) and they removed it when it reached live worlds?


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Didn't we complain about the relics in beta the last time (winter) and they removed it when it reached live worlds?

Time for new management.
Current management cannot balance between company's income and community's needs.
It's constant slaps in the face for me and i have enough, i will give slaps back by mailing the company until they make some actions.
If that won't do i will contact product managers in person. They take responsibility for product.


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The events are looking more and more like FOE all the time. And they keep coming as frequently as in FOE too.
Skipped the last one there, skipping this one. The Tree is on no interest and I have always hated this format on FOE.
It will be a nice break.


Is there any WW or do we need to wait the live announce as the last time ?!

MinMax Gamer

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OK, so not to sink in the sea of negativity, here are a couple of nice things that I noticed so far:

- Some new culture/pop hybrids are pretty decent. Not stellar, but pretty solid if you need that.

- I spotted several surprisingly good small buildings in the rotation (not even dailies, just small building prizes) - The Pond of Autumn, Black Lotus, Rainbow Cage etc. For bottom of the pecking order filler prize buildings, these are all excellent. But now I went down in my expectations from aiming for the main prize, down to other grand prizes (wells, outposts, wheels), down to daily buildings, and now I am hoping to snipe some chest filler prizes... But you can't even aim for these, because of lotto system (OK... must... resist... negativity...)

But yeah, lotto system... And 2x2 culture building in the dailies that is worse than craftable Lava Codex?.. OK, I think I am done here ;)


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I indeed love the small 1x1 and 2x2 buildings, those fit in all kind of nooks and crannies.
There are even new ones we have never seen before (I think) like some bathroom for example. but I could be wrong as I do not alway pay attention anymore to buildings in events.

For the rest it's the hated slot machine, and they even made it worse by even more longer and partly unskippable animations that just makes it a drag.
I do like that we get more tries on it, I have to get my final decision once it hits live and I can really play it.
But going from a larger number to 10 per try might make the difference between totally hated and maybe hated but tolerable
In the end I will never like the slot machine no matter how it's packaged
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