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May Celebrations


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Dear Humans and Elves,

It is time for festive decorations, as all people in Elvenar celebrate the customs of spring and fertility. Young and old are outside to have a look at the majestic May Tree, which blossoms in most beautiful colors. But not only the Tree sparks interest, people from all Elvenar have gathered for a fantastic fair: You see children on the merry-go-round, sorcerers selling cotton candy, Halfling musicians on public stages and romantic carriages waiting for a ride. Come and join the festivities and meet Bardbarella from the Bards College. Together, you will roam the celebration grounds, entertain yourselves, help a few people in need and maybe learn a thing or two about traditions.

By fulfilling the quests and searching the outskirts of your city, you can find Spring Seeds, which you can use to open Flowers. Each Flower you open will contain a random reward and provide you with Life Force. With this Life Force, you can acquire Blossoms. Once each Blossom on the May Tree blooms, the next Grand Prize is unlocked.


Each day there is a set of 16 Flowers to open with Spring Seeds, including several rewards, as well as one Daily Exclusive from a collection of new and returning rewards. 3 of the 16 Flowers also contain always contain a Special Item, each with a special effect:
  • "Double Reward" - A "x2" modifier which will double the reward contained in the next Flower you open.
  • "Reveal Two" - This item lets you see the contents of two previously uncovered Flowers, allowing you to preview what's inside before opening them.
  • "Reshuffle" - Once you open a Flower containing it, you will return to 16 unopened Flowers that you need to shuffle again. While this may reset your progress in looking for a specific prize, it also allows you to win all previously earned items again. If a Flower containing a Reshuffle is opened, your invested Spring Seeds for opening this Flower are returned.
The Life Force you obtain from Flowers allows you to bring the May Tree to full blossom. Each time you use one of the Life Forces, a small Construct sets our to randomly add 1-3 Blossoms to the tree. Once all 20 Blossoms are added, the tree is complete and you are rewarded with the next Grand Prize on the list, including May Tree Artifacts, which can be used to upgrade your very own evolving Festive May Tree building.

(4x4 Culture, Population and Coins production, unlocking more options depending on Chapter and building Stage reached)

The May Celebrations come with several new mechanics. One of them is a Daily Login Reward, granting you enough Spring Seeds to open one Flower right away. Make sure to log in daily and collect your bonus to open as many Flowers as possible!


Another new mechanic comes in the form of Quest Milestones. The more quests you finish, the more additional rewards you get to unlock, including more May Tree Artifacts!


Furthermore, you will notice some changes to the event quests this time around! There will a limited story questline that you get to complete. Once that is finished, you unlock additional episodic quests. One of these quests is added to the list of available quests with each new day of the event. All quests will reward you with 10 Spring Seeds, enough to open another Flower.

The event will run from today until May 11th, so make sure to complete all quests and open all your Flowers in time! Please be advised that app version 1.102 is required for the event to work properly, hence functionality will be limited until this version is available.

We wish you a lot of fun with the May Celebration, and of course would love to hear your feedback about it in our Feedback Thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that there can always be differences in event layouts, balancing and prizes between Beta and Live release.