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Discussion Fellowship Adventures


@InnoGames When exactly does the FA start? The announcement says Monday, November 2nd, but Monday is the 1st, and the 2nd is Tuesday?
I've got monday as 2nd november !? What year do you live in ?


I think the next time, we have the scout badge
@Tomatoehu 24*15 vision vapors is minimum for map 3. If FS wasn't able to do the 3rd map before this badge, it certainly will not be able to do that now.
The minimum is 26 (+2 in the start !) for single color path but this way doubles workshop/factory badges ! .. there is a way to only use 14 if there are bridges like the previous FA (orange then blue).


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I wonder if all this is not an Halloween bad joke....
I don’t find the maps, and I don’t find requirements for badges...

I begin to hope that all this is a trick.


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I looked for the spoilers before posting, thanks, but who says this spoiler will be the reality? and how to prepare a team to be ready if they begin to make efforts to produce badges no longer needed?
I ask to Inno to publish the maps from the events with the requirements TODAY, and not to wait until tomorrow. And don’t forget we all have a RL and work out there....

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Excuse me for being late to the party, but post was to be helpful not preaching.
We are all human and none of us is perfect so I hope you can forgive me


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I despise the FAs. I hope these changes convince the members of my fellowships that the rewards are not worth the effort and we can skip them in the future.
Use enchantments, fine. I have hundreds. But I am sick of being forced to gain more relics and vision vapor and doing more encounters.

Why can't they add a badge that lets us donate Spell Fragments and relics?
I am nearing 200K in fragments! There is no way to use all I get from the Spire, much less disenchanting event rewards from 3 prior chapters.

With luck this FA will be a total disaster and we can return to the old format.


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All the manu-set related badges should be removed, no player should have all 3 of t1 manus in their city. They removed such quests from events long time ago, it is time that FA follows along! They can replace those and put in a volume based production badge, similar to quests: produce a certain amount of any t1, t2 or t3 (even t4-t6, if you ask me ;) ) to get a badge.