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Discussion Fellowship Adventures


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i hope for arcane residue that CC coming from spire or library will count

this new adventure is a very big change, it will give advantage for big fellowship gold in spire and 10+ chest but these fellowship never participate , and those who loved adventure (middle fellowship) , the chance is over to be ranked first place ,

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For me are new badges fine, it brings more variety to game and I also welcome them in the pit. Now IT will be finaly challenge for fellowships from more sides. So, lets wait for its firs tíme on beta nie

The Silent One

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Everyone who asked for it on the different forums, got their wish. All 16 badges are needed for the Pit. No more wasted badges.

And these new MA-focused badges are going to get some people buying and spending diamonds, in order to max the level of their MA, if they did not do it already, like they should have.

The new badges will also make it very hard for fellowships who normally complete all 3 paths on all 3 stages. If I counted correctly, doing that requires 158 of the badge that is made from vision vapor.

Also, no one can do the Spire until after the FA starts on Monday because you can make that one new badge by completing Spire encounters.
I hope Inno does not expect us to buy diamonds. I live on a fixed income and buy them once a year to support the game and have already done so this year!


I know Elvarian Guard is 3x Squad Size, but is there also such a formula for Sack of Coins ?


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this new adventure is a very big change, it will give advantage for big fellowship gold in spire and 10+ chest but these fellowship never participate
you may ask yourself why was this the case, many big cities just cant remove half of the city to inventory or just delete it, especially after chapter 17+
in the new model there are 14 out of 16 badges that end tech city is producing on daily basis without actually caring about FA, only exception is brewery and blacksmith and for that 5 lvl1 workshops are everything they need to finish all 3 maps
which is a best thing i can imagine for top cities


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Why are there hats, but no potions and wands? It looks like a mistake
Looks to me that the left hand isn't working with the right hand. Old tournament we could get 2-3 times as many PoP as you can with new tournament. Looks to me that the work on this change was put into the planning before access to the PoP was slaughtered.

Enevhar Aldarion

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bracelets, necklaces and statues on a daily basis??? I play a different game...

Yeah, no one who makes sentient goods does the 1 day or 2 day productions any more. Even before sentient goods, I never made them because I have always logged in at least twice a day.


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I feel these badges will allow a variety of players and chapters the possibility to complete more than before, potential to get more fellowships completing 2 maps if 1 was only possible before, completing 3 maps if 2 were only possible before.

I like that the badges are more than a swipe through your city. That a handful of badges will remain that way but that more badges will be produced playing normally through regular city activity and mostly, i love that the badges align with event quests we are already familiar with.

I would be very interested to have other FA Idea and Suggestions that were voted Yes to, implemented for better group organization. This is still an extremely frustrating and demotivating activity for mobile only players, new fellowships, new players and players who do not find spreadsheets amusing. The Map and paths ( especially that yellow/red/orange path color ) need a makeover. We need a window that shows who is in the path without opening every single spot.


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@InnoGames When exactly does the FA start? The announcement says Monday, November 2nd, but Monday is the 1st, and the 2nd is Tuesday?


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