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Discussion Fellowship Adventures


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stop, too much is too much
Hi there
I'm sorry, but by this point, I'm almost ok with FA now. I'm always really grateful when we get a break, oh yes, could get used to this cycle, definitely a trend in the right direction.
I guess Serge is a 'Once a year is plenty nuff FA' kind of player.

Egwene al Vere

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Yes Skill powers. I like the new FA - you can collect to your heart's content while the system calculates. Only thing is necklaces have increased to 4x tier 1 and ghosts have increased from 3 to 4 encounters.


Absolute love that you can collect everything and lose none!!

Does the participation overview work on the computer? On the app its not really clear yet...


On the second i selected the 4...


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there is a tooltip on that new icon with the both lists of who participated and not yet. (on reward collecting window)+ number nearby showing how many already placed something on the map.

Bor de Wolf 1965

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I like the new pickup badges way. I had 8 CCs ready in my MA and I got 3 CCs from 1 spire box AND they all counted as a separate badge.
Also collecting 104 T1-2D productions works great, I have 52 badges for that now.