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Discussion Fellowship Adventures


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Long ago. but it still show the same date as on live servers (will be shifted back just before it starts here).


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They like to set live date in beta schedule and correct it in a few days ahead of actual beta event. But there were situations when they even announced something here on forum earlier than put it in game files.


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A new Fellowship Adventures has been announced for Tuesday 15th (tomorrow) at unusually short notice.
Could we please have some details about which type it will be, @Scoobydoo ?



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Is this for real ? there aren't any artefacts to win for the last event... it's very surprising to know about it only one day to the next, especially after the event countdown on live worlds


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but its really unfair due to changing FS. I am not willing to chance, but I guess, there are a lot oft players who want.


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Hey it is as always on beta. Look the first 5 or 6 writtings in this thread. They never ever announced the GA on beta quiet in right time.
So there is nothing new and nothing worse than befor.


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The Stage Prizes from the FA (no artifacts this time!)
Please feel free to share this information with friends who do not play in Beta.


Stage 1
  • 1 x Ancient Knowledge 15
  • Carting Library
  • 10 x Boosters 10 minutes
Stage 2
  • 2 x Ancient Knowledge 20
  • Magical Mana Hut 2 x 2
  • 15 x Boosters 30 minutes
Stage 3
  • Ferris Wheel Galore 2 x 3
  • Menhirok’s Barrow 4 x 4
  • 25 x Boosters 45 minutes
Per chapter Carting Library: https://www.elvenarchitect.com/.../a_evt_expiring.../
Per chapter Ferris Wheel: https://www.elvenarchitect.com/.../a_evt_generic_ferris.../
Per chapter Mana Hut: https://www.elvenarchitect.com/.../a_evt_expiring_automana/
Per chapter Menhirok’s Barrow: https://www.elvenarchitect.com/.../a_evt_menhiroks_barrow/

Read all about the event here, including prizes, strategy and spreadsheet: https://tinyurl.com/4mbjzxnx

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