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Discussion Fellowship Adventures


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I cannot ignore the impact of overuse of the MA generally and specifically, both in terms of tournament changes and FA. Relics are an issue, building up spell stocks is difficult for smaller cities as well. I can craft, sure, and with what? Spire, with what?
The current state of the game has become a nearly constant grind.

Enevhar Aldarion

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@Marindor I know we are never given advance notice of exact starting time or day on Beta, but are you at least able to tell us if the next FA will start before or after Christmas? If Inno uses the normal time gap between end of event and start of FA, then we will be having to do the next FA during Christmas week. That will make for a lot of unhappy and upset players.


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I'm hoping they're finally skipping one and giving us a break from them... taking some time to re-think some of the new changes.


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residues can't stay this way, or we won't be going for the score. I don't want to spend diamonds and time instants for FA
Actually, the new tournament has reduced my interest in the FA. I was thinking it would be fun to try and win it, but it hurts the tournament and spire too much to try.


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Do we know if there are any changes please @Marindor ?
Will the format be the same as the last one?


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new older refresh or the same, i will never play again Fellowship Adventure, time enough to making something, Fellowship adventure had die time ago. Removed


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Ok, we were asking if and when a FA would come...
Ok, someone “in the core of the upcomings” was aware and whispered about, but not when (btw, if he/she knows what kind of FA is coming and is so kind to share it with us - I’m asking for some friend of mine)...

But, in the meantime, this is the core of a faithful collaboration from beta players,
announcement is far too late, to produce statue , start should not be tomorrow !!! very bad timing with no tournement at the end
... and what about KP instants already used since Saturday evening? And, and, and...
How can we test, if the test is not “full”?

@Marindor, once again, too late.


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Could someone explain this please?
Apparently, level one workshops now only set for two minutes. Level 2 set for three minutes, level 3 sets for four minutes and level four and above sets for the five minutes.
Is this something to do with the FA?
Or a glitch??

UPDATE on original question: Apparently this change happened about a month ago to make it easier for beginners to finish chapter One.
As such it will most likely hardly impact the FA at all.

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