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Discussion Fellowship Adventures


Everything not official is obtained by searching the games files, some players are really good at that. :D

...Not cool, Innogames, not cool.
Inno is one of the most secretive companies I know when it concerns their games. Where others are very open about upcoming changes, new things or events you won't hear a thing from Inno till the last minute. :(
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Everything not official is obtained by searching the games files, some players are really good at that. :D
I am pretty sure there is something more going on.... I'd like an official reply from the guys at inno managing the community.

otherwise, I will start data-mining myself as well.


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the badges' details are different.

I got other rumors from people (event team ?) that corroborate those badge details.

also, the totals appear to be different as well.

yet, I've seen no official information straight from Innogames concerning those changes.

So, is there a Distinguished Community we are NOT part of that has early info in a non official manner, and publishes it, or am I missing an official Innogames communication channel ?
What changes are you referring to? Inno did announce the requirement reduction for Ghost in a Bottle, Elemental Marbles and Arcane Residue badges.


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Hey there @ayvinul
There is no distinguished community, just some hard working players and staff here, in Beta.
Marindor Announced changes, gave us direct feedback during the event here, and someone changed the ingame wiki. Players posted pages of feedback, others collated it, certain fellowships collect their own records, and there are two player driven support groups, one of which is Gems.


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What changes are you referring to? Inno did announce the requirement reduction for Ghost in a Bottle, Elemental Marbles and Arcane Residue badges.
I have been looking and I haven't seen that specific announcement. Where was it if you remember ?


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@Tomatoehu 24*15 vision vapors is minimum for map 3. If FS wasn't able to do the 3rd map before this badge, it certainly will not be able to do that now.
On the contrary, fellows who prioritize the recipes have no issue with this badge. Recipes are not more expensive to make for VV. If they are running the spire the CC's are there and require no levels in the MA. Players even said they would not craft useless recipes ( this of course is based on personal preferences as to what is usesless ;) ) and there were enough badges for the pit as well as 3rd map. I get what you say, but the issue getting to the 3rd map is not the Vision vapor then or now. sure it may keep a few from finishing still, maybe even top 100 finishers can no longer do all of the FA, but i forsee many younger fellowships no longer struggle with the badges that were removed and thrusting them into the last map much sooner. Remember that if we had more time, all fellowships could finish. Removing certain badges makes it more possible in 6 days. Adding in the VV badge only keeps groups from finishing all 3 paths on every map.

Previous FA, players could not make spell badges due to NOT having yet unlocked Tier 3 for the elixir, Tier 2 for the silk - they are now able to make more badge types, now more than ever, they can participate and finish map 3! Who cares if higher level players want to be stingy with their MA and don't want to craft VV, small players and small fellowships are doing the spire, have spire libraries, will make the 3rd map because they are not waiting for trades, not crafting 24hr spells, not making tedious bakers and treants, can use what little space an advancing city has for statues made out of every type of building that eats population they also do not have.

Yes there are players who don't spire and don't have many CC, but they are making a few of each badge, and next FA will be more prepared to take on the badge as well. It does eat a lot of relics to craft the CC, but we know that is part of the game, the spire is part of the game and your choice to play in FA will require you to be playing all parts of the game. Even if you play differently, the FA is not a personal strategy, it is a Fellowship Strategy. Even if you hate the spire and love the FA, you always need a team of players who can do a variety of "Elvenar" well (which is the case even in a "like-minded, goal orientated" fellowship that chooses players that all play the same way, you will have a few players that excel in areas not required by the fellowship). These new badge types see to it that more players will be included, more players will be capable of joining in. That this is the most inclusive FA Inno has had, ever.

The FA doesn't have very many redeeming qualities ( prizes, time spent, over clicking) other then bringing your team together to have some fun, its refreshing to have it changed and incorporate so many more players outside of the "pro" or "diamond" leagues. First FA no one quit or screamed about, even if i don't have personal like for the rewards or use of my game time, the groups interest is always my priority and their interest was definitely much higher then it ever has been, and that is an improvement that took several years to make happen.


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Like I said already, I like the changes. But some of our fellows were frustrated, because we kept waiting for bracelets or residue in the pit. Waiting is not fun.

Lovec Krys

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@TomatoeHu My point was with 15VV and smaller FSs (meaning around or under 10 members). With 10 it's more or less duable even for smaller FSs.
My own FS will have no problem to finish (since it's composed of 25 members and has been the 10th+ chest for a long time (altough gold in spire keeps avoiding us(11/12 is our standard)))