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Discussion Autumn Zodiac

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@Marindor Thank you for letting us know. The same quest so often especially when it is things like Buy KP, Relic/Encounters or Toolboxes are a pain point for us.


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6 times this quest :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:


no tank you for the devs ...


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it means you're far enough in the quests to have a fully grown bear
which means the devs' objective is to slow you down (to a halt if possible) at this point

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also lowered the cap of the increasing amount of Golden Keys per quest earlier, at 80 Golden Keys.
...Really? From 188 to just 80? That's WAY too great a decrease, especially when nothing has been done about the Scout quests and they can still take days to complete (if you are unlucky with the recipes in the MA).

And what about productions from Manufactories with a specific level? Any changes there, @Marindor ?


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Personally i think this change The probability for quests that require productions from a Workshop with a specific level, has been reduced by, on average, more than 30%. is irrelevant. It will leads to:
1. more scouts - less quests done overall
2. more VV needed - MA is not balanced around this many recipes at this point
3. more same quests since 6 others will have less chance to appear - it will feel even more that same quest appearing over and over again in a row
4. solve 9/45 encounters will happen more often - much more harder then actuall workshops quests
5. buy 20 KP more often

Overall i highly doubt people will do 2+ x more quests with this 30% reduced chance from workshops, which will hardly justify only 80 keys per quest on the end. Do really people think they will do 2 x more quests with this change? Hands up who do.

Only quests which needed this reduction were toolboxes and/or scout (mainly toolboxes tho, since scout got another option), nothing else.

Even if only second part with magic workshop would go live i would be more then happy with all changes this event got after launch. It solved all big problems for me this event had.


way to make it as unappealing as possible for this event :eek: just because there's less workshop quest, there's a giant nerf on the rewards. The event was already hard but now that's just BSing at this point... the 3 new bears were the only motivation but now that's just intentionally making it unpleasant for the players :confused:
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+100 to what Dony said. I'm feeling very frustrated at the moment. I'd like to get just one bear to level 10 on live without feeling like the game is a tedious job. At 80 keys per quest, I doubt that will happen even though my early Constructs city has not over-scouted, is easily able to complete 3000k tourney each week and has 50 CC spells ready to use.

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Reducing the currency output is one thing. But you could get massive amounts. I don't think reducing the workshop/factory quests was helpful. Once you at least have a few factories, you can use speed boosts etc to progress beyond them.

I would rather see those than the endless repetition of buy KP, solve encounter, gain relic, scout - all of these quests have permanent effects. All of them contribute to over-scouting and eventually being completely progress blocked.

The factory/workshop solution would be to pull data on active players and by chapter get an average # and level of their workshops and boosted manufactories so that the quest can be tuned toward how the players are actually playing vs. reducing them and increasing the quite simply more horrid quests. Hopefully we actually see more of the gain coin, gain supply, produce t1 quest vs. the others.

Lovec Krys

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Dear developers,
Do you even realize, that on beta, the players population is mostly recruited from the most active players?
Which means that the score of an average player in the event is (probably much) lower on live than on beta.
Is your goal to completely ruin the event for large portion of the players?
Maybe it's time to go back to the finite number of quests from this "endless" scam.


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Typical Inno, players complain about getting same quests in a row => make part of quests appear less often and reduce overall rewards more than x2 times despite of the fact that 1/2 of those quests were easiest in the event...


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Typical Inno, players complain about getting same quests in a row => make part of quests appear less often and reduce overall rewards more than x2 times despite of the fact that 1/2 of those quests were easiest in the event...
typical inno, they listen to feedback, but solve it in a total different way then we envisioned it.
I was really enjoying this event, despite the many people complaining. Oooh well, ill still enjoy it i guess, too bad al the quests i didnt like, im gonna get more of now. But as always, ill still play and enjoy it. I will end up more goodies after the event then before, so it was worth it.

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@Heymrdiedier Yup :) Really I think they could have put a chapter -3 for both WS and Manus (or -4 for this one) and then in future events made it closer to the current chapter level so players were able to prep for it. I mean, once I have the WS and Manus at level even if I don't have so many to complete the quest in one round, it is at least doable and has no impact on my future game play. Encounters, Relics, scouting all have a huge impact toward continuing game play. I don't want to have more provinces completed than I need to exit the chapter and probably will.

The reduction - well, since I can fully evolve one bear and have 7k currency, I'm not worried about it.


Change game rules on beta is OK. But to change the rules so strongly after the start of live I feel strongly underarm! For 14 days we were preparing, building, using accelerators to get those we needed with the prospect of growing tasks to be elsewhere again.

Many people are considering stopping playing here. At best they just ignore the events. I hope so.

EDIT: Limit 80 is already on live! without any notice!
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Well, to be fair, once the alternative to the scout one province popped in I only got that task once more so I have been cruising the event quite nicely after a bumpy start and will for sure have enough to level 2 bears. I was extremely lucky with keys on chests, I got really a lot, and I mean really a lot, but even without that bonus I would level one bear and get some artifacts to spare. So I was expecting some nerfing but I think for casual players, that I am not, the nerfing is too big and they will have a very hard time leveling even one bear. The difficulty of the tasks, once the alternative to the scouting was possible, is sort of balanced so the planned shuffling of the statistics will not contribute to make the event less difficult, will just mean that some of us will use less supplies instants.

So my 2 cents: what about a compromise between the actual 188 and the planned 80?


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This new system is bad and you have (the devs) must have seen it ...
it only gives criticism and dissatisfaction ...


188 => 80 !!
The quest toolbox was easy to work around (you use 2-3 workshop to produce the toolbox and accelerate the production => max. cost 48h-72h) but now you reduce the reward by 50% but decrease the difficulty marginally (5%-10% ?)
It is a massive nerf of the event.

I think the problem is with the paid building, you play => > 30 000 keys, the building at 8 EUR => 600 keys, but even with 50% nerf, you need 500-1000% up of the paid building ^^
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