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Fixed [29340] Problems around Tournament start and during Tournament


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Well-Known Member
Got 2 stream errors and one 504 error + sometimes it took ages to get a response for an action.


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I had trouble logging in on mobile - got stuck at 20. Then had trouble with tourney fights taking much longer than usual. Then had a tourney fight give this error:

And I couldn't continue because the screen was blank. When I logged back in, the same encounter from the error message was unfinished.


This appears to surround the start of a tournament. It will be investigated next week when the gems tournament begins. Thank you for your patience and input.


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Same after FA finished. Was resetting production, game stopped accepting input, reloaded - set another bunch of productions and stopped again, reload - "world is currently unavailable, try again later" x 2, reload - show reward banner and then working normally.