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Your ancestors, the Elvenar, have arrived


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Finally, after years of separation and with help of the Constructs, Elves and Humans team up to work on a new structure, a building designed as a tribute to the High Men. Right after finishing the construction, a beacon of light magically activates from within the structure. Ethereal shapes begin to dance around the light, slowly forming bigger figures. Finally, all the shapes pull back into the beacon of light and a second goes by where time seems to stand still. Suddenly, radiant and ancient beings can be observed stepping out of the pulsing beam. The arrival of the Elvenar has finally come.


To welcome your ancestors and follow their path of wisdom and unity with nature, it's important that Humans and Elves put aside former disagreements and start working together again. Only by sharing their knowledge will they be able to get enlightened enough to properly handle the Elvenar.
Send your citizens to become scholars, create fine arts, develop your agriculture and work out construction plans. You will be able to bring all these elements together with Sentient Goods in your Vault of Wisdom to create Manifests and Collections. Since Humans and Elves each have their particular experiences and different ways of production, these Manifests and Collections will be different per race. Only with additional work and some costs will each race be able to recreate what the other produces, enabling them to acquire the full spectrum, allowing unlocking all the of the Elvenar's technologies.

What's also important to understand, is that all the elements depend on each other, and so do the production processes. That is why your Academies need to adjoin your Elvenar Portal - the Council Hall, your Settlement production buildings need to be attached to the Academies and the Vaults of Wisdom will only function if they are attached to all 3 types of the Settlement's production buildings. Quite the puzzle, but we're confident that you can handle it. To help you create a little more space for this puzzle, there are new Research and Premium Expansions available, and we have also raised the cap on Province Expanions, unlocking new Expansions automatically if you went over the previous cap of 457 provinces.

If you manage to fulfill all the requirements the Elvenar ask of you, at the end of the Chapter, they will share the knowledge of their Ancient Wonders. These Wonders will help you use your Guest Race Portals and Residences more efficiently respectively.


The Vortex of Storage increases the storage capacity of any portal that gets placed into the city, allowing to store more capped Guest Race Goods.
The Wellspring of Youth increases the amount of population any residence brings to the city, improving the efficiency of regular and Magic Residences.

Your ancestors have quite high expectations of both Humans and Elves, we wish you all the best in trying to keep them happy. Of course we're also looking forward to hearing your feedback in our discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that there can always be differences in layouts, balancing and prizes between Beta and Live release. The new quests of this Chapter are to be released with a slight delay, shortly after the new Chapter becomes available.