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Discussion Chapter 15: The Elvenar


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Dear Humans and Elves,

Please find the announcement for our newest Guest Race: The Elvenar here and let us know what you think about it!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


I suppose it will launch after event end...

now....which is priority one ??? still trying to catch "bear upgrade", not enough....

Deleted User - 60107

Wow, those are some huge buildings! 8x8 Portal, 5x5 Academies (since we will need at least 2), three 4x7 buildings (we will need at least one fo each) and a 6x4 building. This is like a more demanding version of Sorcerers and Dragons. :(


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I am looking forward to making the Elvenars happy but not here as I am still busy with the woodleves. What I noticed is, that the place for building the city increased but not the amount of Premium Expansions. Will there be some more later or will you keep the additional free place to make us happy with free city expansions from the research and from scouting a certain amount of provinces? I can't see in my city if the provnce expansion still stops with 457 provinces.


The event in my city still has 8 days to go .........why has it ended for most players ?

Because by exploring the explorers, the minimum levels of the event are shifted. There will also be an increase in production requirements.


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Because by exploring the explorers, the minimum levels of the event are shifted. There will also be an increase in production requirements.
for factories it doesnt make a difference, still same level requirement, for workshops it does make a difference if you kept them at the bare minimum.
the prizes become better however if you go into the new chapter =)
i think im not gonna wait till event is over, im gonna go for it, if i manage to get the required sentient goods, feels like that will be the hardest part.

Lovec Krys

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My first impressions:
Settlement looks big, I hope that portal spell works in this chapter. With 1 of each settlement building it will be probably very long chapter without it.

Wonders: Vortex seems as another waste of space like Blooming trader is.
While Wellspring of Youth is deffinitevely worth the space.

Since my beta is researching Archeology, I can't test more things now.

ps: Finally advanced scouts are back.


Thank you for any mandatory squad size. I was most pleased with the wonder of the population.


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Cool, the grid is passed in 13x13 ... to achieve it I miss 32 extensions ^^

with two extensions in the tree I still have 30 extensions to have ... 30 premium !!!!!! :(:(:(:(:(


and we have also raised the cap on Province Expanions, unlocking new Expansions automatically if you went over the previous cap of 457 provinces.

Expansions ?? only 1 above 457 then it is max reached again


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Yes, just 1 additional expansion for province exploration. Not much help but at least it is something.
Armories go from 4x7 to 7x4. Ridiculous. Such a huge change. So very hard to make room for something like that.I doubt that I will do it unless it is required.
Need to try to read through the research tree and see what else is happening.


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two extensions in "research"


and ....... it's all :(